Top Food-Inspired Cakes

The Cake Central forums are filled with food-inspired cakes that look strikingly like their savory counterparts, from lavish pasta dishes to Thanksgiving turkeys. The next time you’re wondering “What’s for dinner?”, look no further! We rounded up a few of our favorite food cakes, a scrumptious selection that’s perfect for inspiring your next culinary-themed creation. Bon appétit!


turkey By cakesbyashli
chai tea cake

Turkey and roast beef sandwich

Turkey and roast beef sandwich By babsey

Perry's Pizza

Perry’s Pizza By amberhoney
Made for my son who just turned 14. I tried to do something that would appeal to teenage apetites! Madiera cake, fondant onions, olives and mushrooms, chocolate salami, real crystalised pineapple and yellow coloured grated chocolate ‘cheese’ Decorated mostly by my 8 and 12 year old daughters!

Ramen noodle cake

Ramen noodle cake By sandemac
All is edible except chopsticks.

Hot Dog and Hamburger Cookies

Hot Dog and Hamburger Cookies By marianna46
I made these from the NFSC recipe with GeminiRJ’s glaze for the mustard and cheese and fondant for the lettuce, tomatoes and wieners. They were for the May 2010 Cookie Club (I think! Maybe it was April – oh, well) and were such fun to make!

Cheese Board Cake

Cheese Board Cake By kate6207
Birthday cake for a friend who is a “foodie”. Inspiration was taken from several of the cheese board cakes on Cake Central. The cheese is cake and everything else is fondant.

cabbage cake 2

cabbage cake 2 By jankat

Basket of Apples

Basket of Apples By watercakes

Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake By corinasconfections
I made this for a grooms cake. He was a sushi lover…I am definitely not! It was a challenge…lol! All edible. Dishes and chopsticks are gumpaste. Seaweed is edible rice paper that I painted with green/black mixture of food color. Rice was made one grain at a time out of gumpaste. TFL!

Ye ole' burger

Ye ole’ burger By godiva
I think this kind of cake is a rite of passage for many designers. I finally had the perfect opportunity to do it for my annual family reunion. It turned out better than what I anticipated as it’s only the third time I use my airbrush machine. All details made of fondant, buns, tomatos and fries were airbrushed. Buns were 8″, burger was carved 9″ and covered in chocolate fondant. Ketchup and Mustard dispenser are not edible :-) Just added to the pic

Chinese Food Mini Cake

Chinese Food Mini Cake By randell
Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream. Pork & Broccoli are chewy Jolly Ranchers with sprinkles. Noodles are butter cream frosting. I drew the decorations on the boxes.


Subway By tirby
this is covered in buttercream and airbrushed. The fillings are all made from fondant.I used an 11×15 sheet pan, cut in half length wise and that created the “bun”

Steak and A Baked Potato

Steak and A Baked Potato By colealayne
For my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday. It is his favorite meal. The bone and fat are painted fondant. The rest is buttercream.


Nachos By craftybrandi
Nacho Birthday Cake: Carved 8 inch and 6 inch chocolate cakes, covered in brown buttercream (beans), orange buttercream (cheese). Sour cream and guacamole are buttercream. Chips, jalapeno and olive slices are fondant.

Ruffles potato chips

Nachos By cjf
2 8×12′s, stacked and carved to make the bag. Iced in buttercream, the blue was airbrushed on, and the red is fondant. The chip/dip image was traced onto an EI and painted using dry petal dusts and food markers. The chips are candy clay and the edges were dry brushed with ‘flesh’ powdered food coloring. I used tappits (SP??) for ‘original’.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs By marina
Fondant with buttercream


steak_5small.jpg By tutugirl
My DH did this cake last night for his friend birthday who is a vegetarian, buttercream icing.


KFC!…anyone? By tido
Made for a work colleague who is leaving for his country. He loves KFC and Subway so it was ideal to make a fast food cake for him. He totally loved it as did everyone else.Chicken is RKT and fries are sugar cookies. The cookies really spread while baking…had to cut them to shape and they ended up looking like some kinda bread or so…sigh. I learn a lesson with every cake experience. Still…I was happy with the cake. TFL


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