Top Sculpted Dragon Cakes Part II

As we gear up for Halloween, we can’t get enough of scupted dragon cakes, from fire-breathing monsters to more playful creations. Check out these frighteningly fantastic Top Sculpted Dragon Cakes for scaly inspiration!


By solociachef21
Sculpted Dragon Cake

Protector of the Flame

By Bry-ice
I had done this piece for my favorite Ten year old. He asked me to create a story, I then took the story and applied it to his cake. The fairy sitting in the planet represents the dragons flame. She also represents innocence, beauty, and wonder. Without the Fairy, the Dragon would be nothing more than just a dragon without his powerful flame. The Dragon represents strength, power, and courage. Their relationship (non romantical) is a symbolic tale of “balance.” The Fairy is his breath. The Drangon is made from white modeling chocolate and finished with a sugarpaste/fondant blend. Most of the coloring was done with the airbrush machine. (lot’s of shimmer). Enjoy!

Dragon on a Book cake 3.0

By emilsmee
RKT & fondant dragon on top of a cake book.

Dragon cake in pale gold and brown

By egensinnig
This is my disaster dragon cake – I dropped the dragon in the floor after many, many hours of work….But I fixed it and it came out ok in the end. Its for my dear brothers 40th birthday. Filled with raspberry mousse and white chocolate mousse. Dragon is RKT, gumpaste and fondant, it’s dusted with pale gold luster dust but it’s hard to see in the pics.Cake is covered with chocolate fondant, 12 inches. TFL!

Dragon Groom's Cake

By bhv333
This is a groom’s cake – white cake with cream cheese frosting. I made the wedding cake too and will upload it later.

Dragons Perch

By libs
Sculpted cake for the 2012 Austin cake show this past weekend, entered into the show cake category and i was very pleased that it took 1st. this cake was one of the largest that i have done and was a great challenge and very rewarding. It was about 40 inches high and 50 inches long, this dragon was made mostly out of cake ( just box mix) with minimal use of styrofoam for the underside of the support structure about an inch to and inch and a half in some areas and a small amount of rice crispy treats since I hate those things, around the bottom of the legs and a layer on top of the carverd cake thigh for extra stability and gurth. the dragon took around 140 hours from start to finish and i started 3 weeks prior to the competition, the whole cake took around 200 hours, which was pretty tough since i work full time, very little sleep was required to get it done and im so glad for extra strength energy drinks lol. The dragon was covered using fondant and then airbrushed for detail and colour. I will be posting a link on my website to the video of the cake as it had some motors in it with a few moving parts.

3D Dragon Cake

By CakeDiosa
Sadly, this dragon JUST missed the deadline for the contest….sigh. Done for my best friend’s son’s 16th. He wanted a scary dragon. All edible. Head is RKT. Everything else is cake with MMF. Gumpaste links. Dragon is ripping off his collar ready to strike. Took pics before adding the birthday banner because I thought the banner might take away from it but it actually looked good after I added it. Both parents are artists and thoroughly appreciated the detail. The dad actually airbrushed the backside so I had to “try” to replicate what he did on the front side. Easily my best work to date!!! They DID NOT want to cut this cake. So much so we forgot to sing happy birthday as the bday boy cut it…hahahaha! But, alas, the dragon was slain and we had cake! 24″long x 22″ wide. Stand is 3′ long by 2 1’2 wide for scale reference.

Dragon Cake

By Jennifair
A cake I made based on some fabulous tutorials here on Cake Central. The dragon is 100% cake with fondant scales, eyes, claws, and ridge spikes. The wings are gumpaste. Each scale edge was gold dusted.

little Dragon

By Tuggy
bundt cake with fondant dragon. Made for the dutch cake magazin “Mjam Taart”.Thanks for looking!

"How To Train Your Dragon" Cupcakes

By fern381
Dragon cupcakes for a Crew Toast at Dreamworks Animation! All dragons were made of fondant/gumpaste. Thank you so much for looking.

Dragon Cake

By KathysCC
I made this dragon for my son’s 8th birthday. My second time using my airbursh machine…I just love it! I will add some pictures of the stages I went through to make him and one of the him with a little figure of my son fighting him with a sword. He is all buttercream with gumpaste wings and spikes. I piped the buttercream and flattened it with a spatula similar to the buttercream cakes we’ve been seeing lately.

My 3D Black Dragon Cake

By tmalvey
This was my first attempt at a sculpted 3D dragon cake! I made this for my nephew’s birthday. Everything is cake except for his tail and head – those are sculpted rkt. The cake is chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache. The scales and every thing else is fondant.

Dragon Cake

By camie14
*This was my competition cake for the Sweet Times in the Rockies cake show. The Momma Dragon is covered in fondant then recovered in individual fondant scales, then brushed with pearl. Her wings are made of Sugar Veil. The 7 babies and the eggs are hand molded from a 50/50 gum paste/fondant mix. The wall is made from individual fondant bricks in 3 different colors.Thanks for lookingPhoto courtesy of Erin Schaefgen of Erin Schaefgen Photography

By Sveta_petrova
Dragon for Chinese New Year – never got round to finish it but it was great fun doing it. Made with RCT covered with modelling chocolate.

2nd Dragon

By Lee21
This was me second attempt at a dragon cake and I think he came out much better than the first.

Hobbit Dragon - Smaug

By Anonymous
The dragon from the Hobbit Smaug

Blue Dragon Cake

By ellaboratoriodelastartas
This birthday cake is based on the “Smaug the Golden” sculpture by John Howe. You can see more pictures on my blog:

By ko-scakes
3D dragon cake. All cake dragon, with fondant extremities. Rider made to look like the birthday girl from modeling chocolate. Wings are wafer paper. Airbrushed and hand painted.

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