Top Water Lily Cakes

Whether inspired by the paintings of Monet or images of the eastern symbol of purity, water lillies are a beautiful adornment for an elegant cake design. Take a look at our top water lily cakes!


Lotus Flower Floating Centerpiece

Lotus Flower Floating Centerpiece By lisaberczel
Cake with Lotus

Cake with Lotus By yu-ecake
Cream Cake with sugar Lotus

Gumpaste lotus

Gumpaste lotus By malinis

Cake with a Lotus

Cake with a Lotus By taartendeco
Cake for a friends’ 50th birthday. She is a yoga teacher so I put some ‘yoga elements’ on this cake.

Painted lotus flower cake

Painted lotus flower cake By popok


lotus By saetta

Lotus Water Lily Wedding Cake

Lotus Water Lily Wedding Cake By loveatfirstbitecakery
Bride had a photo for inspiration that we modeled this after. She wanted a vibrant red cake with white and gold accents, like her wedding colors. The cake is red buttercream, and the piping is white royal icing–as I needed it to dry firm as to not allow the red buttercream to bleed onto it. The lotus lily flowers are a mixture of fondant and gum paste, and we gently dusted with gold petal dust in the center prior to piping in the white royal icing stamens. The rocks were also made from the fondant/gum paste mixture.

Sai Baba's Birthday celebration cake - The Lotus Sunrise

Sai Baba’s Birthday celebration cake – The Lotus Sunrise By keyartstudiocakes

Koi Fish

Koi Fish By yanis
the Koi fish are made of modeling chocolate and the tale is pastillage. the lotus flower was made with gum paste.

chistening cake

chistening cake By tammy1977
mars bar mud cake. It took 3 goes to get the lotus flower right but it turned out alright

Baby in a water lily

Baby in a water lily By koccy

Water Garden Theme

Water Garden Theme By veronicake

Sugar Koi Pond Sculpture

Sugar Koi Pond Sculpture By simicakes

Swan Lake wedding cake

Swan Lake wedding cake By sallybratt

Lilee Pad

Lilee Pad By jennerlynner
Water Lily to welcome my new little neice Lilee Grace. Single layer 10 inch, carved and covered in fondant. Brushed with powders colors to give depth. Kind of made up the flower as I went. Indvidual petals, brushed with powdered colors and luster dust. Baby is first impressions mold, brushed with powders for depth and detail.

water lilly

water lilly By smallnmighty
velvet white cake with blackberry filling with white chocolate icing. water lilly made out of isomalt.

Water lilly and pad

Water lilly and pad By stumptowncakes
See the whole cake in anniversary cakes. Three lillies were added to a three tiered waterfall cake. This was my first water lilly. I ordered cutters but they did not arrive in time. I looked at a picture, made paper templates then put it all together the best I could using royal icing. Amazing what you can do in a pinch!

By elisabethscakes
water lily

Topsy Turvy Frog Wedding Cake

Topsy Turvy Frog Wedding Cake By maryburroughs
I made this cake for the 2011 Iowa State Fair. The water lilies and cattails are gumpaste, and the frogs and grass are fondant. The fondant is air brushed to look like water.Result: 2nd place in category

Water lillies and swan

Water lillies and swan By milkmaid42
A tranquil pond scene if it weren’t for the styrofoam!


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