Top Butterfly Cakes

No matter the size, shape or color, butterfly cakes are always a crowd pleaser! Check out these Top Butterfly Cakes for fun and fanciful design inspiration!


Butterfly Blush cake Vol. 4 Issue2

Butterfly Blush cake Vol. 4 Issue2 By steelpennycakes
My Butterfly Blush design for Cake Central Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 2. Hand painted 2D &3D butterflies, brush embroidery lace, and pink tipped ruffles.
Vintage Butterfly

Vintage Butterfly By teaparty
One of three cupcakes designs that I was very fortunate to have featured in Cake Central Magazine’s Cupcake Issue in April 2012. The butterfly is gumpaste painted with edible gold and isomalt jewels. TFL.

Rockin' Robyn Wedding Cake

Rockin’ Robyn Wedding Cake By abcofcakes
This extravagant wedding cake is iced in buttercream but gets its flare from a gorgeous pressed fondant overlay. Hand-painted gumpaste butterflies in teal flutter around all three tiers.

Butterflies and flowers birthday cake

Butterflies and flowers birthday cake By caz123
Butterflies and flowers birthday cake All hand made and painted from modelling paste

Cake with gelatin butterflies

Cake with gelatin butterflies By superwawa
Fondant-covered dummy cake for a class – first time making gelatin butterflies. The branch is real, butterflies were made using a veiner sheet, painted with gel color/vodka and then decorated with glitter.


Nikki By penniek
6″ and 8″ cakes coverd in fondant. Butterflies, flowers, and leaves are all fondant and painted with luster dust.

painted butterfly cake

painted butterfly cake By alice79
I’ve lived out again with my brush, I find it wonderful to paint.I sculpted butterflies, flowers and blossom.

By rohini
Butterfly birthday cake. This was a 23 cm strawberry layer cake filled with strawberry compote and white chocolate mousse. It was covered in Swiss Meringue buttercream and then sugarpaste. The sugar pearls are store bought. All the other decorations are handmade out of sugarpaste and completely edible.


Tangerine By threelittleblackbirds
Tangerine sugar roses and hand painted butterfly design

Inspired by my coffee mug

Inspired by my coffee mug By alice79
I was inspired by my coffee mug.The flowers and butterflies, I painted

Spring Butterfly cake

Spring Butterfly cake By maveh19
Butterflies, leaves and flowers are gumpaste and painted with petal dust

Butterfly cascade

Butterfly cascade By koryak

Butterfly Cupcake Bouquet

Butterfly Cupcake Bouquet By pattyt
If you can all stand another cupcake bouquet, here’s my first. For my sweet, wonderful, mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. Thanks to everyone on CC who posted inspiring pictures and tips. I used the stapled cup method, but I searched and can’t find who first posted the instructions to thank by name. The cups and plate are sitting on a terra cotta pot with bow – elastic threaded from top cup through to bottom of pot to secure. SMBC and Whimsical BakeHouse Buttercream – three colors in the bag. Chocolate transfer butterflies. Short lengths of ribbons run under each cupcake used as greenery *AND* to help lift out each cuppy.

Hidden Butterflies Inside Twice Baked Cake

Hidden Butterflies Inside Twice Baked Cake By dstauch

Ruffles upon ruffles with pink gumpaste flowers and turquoise butterflies....

Ruffles upon ruffles with pink gumpaste flowers and turquoise butterflies…. By donnaok
My bride had a very Country chic wedding at her family ranch yesterday. She had the most amazing, unique touches and I adored creating this cake for her. I layered fondant ruffles on each tier. The tiers were 6-9-12-15. I timed myself so I could give other decorators an idea. Not including the icing, the top tier took around an hour, 2nd tier took about 75 minutes, 3rd tier was about an hour and 45 minutes, and bottom tier was right around two hours. The bride wanted gumpaste roses, so I made three different sizes. Then I added wafer paper butterflies with edible glitter. Her colors were pink and turquoise and so I did the butterflies in the turquoise. My husband shot the wedding, and he also did her bridals. If you are on my fan page on fb, I posted one of her amazing bridals today with her horse. She is a champion rider and wanted him in some of the photos. Unfortunately, I am not able to share the picture here. She was such a sweet bride, and she told me that the cake was her favorite part of the wedding.

Butterfly sheet

Butterfly sheet By kakeladi
The idea for this cake, which I entered in a contest, is taken from a book about painting on wood. A 12x8x2 sheet is iced in buttercream, airbrushed lightly in several colors, a thick (high) border is piped, then a prepared full sheet of wafer paper is added. The border holds the wafer paper up off the top of the cake. The sheet of wafer paper is a bit smaller than the size of the cake so I had to use extra large borders to hold it in place.Before adding it to the cake you cut out designs – in this case flowers, willows, and the butterfly. Outline the cutout areas to highlight them. Color the b’fly and add it on top of it all. Would make a great, simple, generic design for a non-theme cake need.

gumpaste lisianthus

gumpaste lisianthus By alek0
walnut cake covered with marbled fondant, gumpaste lisianthus, rice paper butterflies.

Butterfly Tea cupcake

Butterfly Tea cupcake By mazzaxxx
Adorned with fondant hydrangeas (love these flowers!) and a edible paper butterfly – another cupcake for my tea party

banana bread with dark chocolate+orange ganache

banana bread with dark chocolate+orange ganache By alek0
Gumpaste bird, mushroom, cyclamen, rice paper butterflies.

butterfly wedding

butterfly wedding By beccakelly
6,8,10 square, light blue fondant that gets lighter with each smaller tier. The butterflies i made using the instructions here on CC, they were time consuming, but worth it! thanks for looking

Butterfly cake

Butterfly cake By cherry3
This one was fun! Covered in buttercream. Butterflies are made with color flow icing.

Hearty Butterflies

Hearty Butterflies By kazmick
We were asked to make this cake for a lovely couples engagement.


Butterfly By oksanablg

By petyash
More butterfly

Wafer Paper Butterfly Cookies

Wafer Paper Butterfly Cookies By sugarkissed-net
Use wafer paper to create stunningly detailed cookie designs!

Giant Cupcake Butterfly theme

Giant Cupcake Butterfly theme By grandmakay

By layersandcrumbs
“Butterfly Blush” Wedding Cake for Cake Central Magazine Vol.4 – Issue 2

Butterfly Fairies - 3d-cookies

Butterfly Fairies – 3d-cookies By ale-bake-n-fun
Fairies – Enchanted Forest Inspiration

By thecakelife
Stained glass butterfly cake

Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake By artcakesbg
Butterfly Cake