Top Roller Coaster Cakes

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to head to the state fair to get your fill of adrenaline-pumping rides. These Top Roller Coaster Cakes will leave your stomach turning in anticipation of the slow climb and that first steep drop!

Roller Coaster of Life

Roller Coaster of Life By kello
Made for a grade eight graduation with a roller coaster of life theme.
Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster By megscakegallery

80th birthday party

80th birthday party By jgmb
For a man turning 80 who loves his classic Thunderbird and roller coasters. Half scratch chocolate cake, half scratch white, all buttercream.

Roller Coaster Bar-Mitzvah Cake

Roller Coaster Bar-Mitzvah Cake By relznik
Roller coaster cake, inspired by a couple of fantastic cakes here on CC!! Customer wanted the track to be piano keys, as her son is very musical. This didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped… there was so much more I wanted to do but just ran out of time! :o (


add_on_cc.jpg By janette
The BD Boy likes amusement parks. DH made the roller coaster. I know it says Snoppy but even tho it was for personal use I didn’t want to break rules.

All about Melissa

All about Melissa By morrisaz2004
This was done for an 18 year old girl’s Birthday. Her Mom told me everything about her and what she liked, and gave me free reign to design a cake. I think I included everything on this cake. :-) The NY City skyline is made out of melted chocolate with cut out fondant windows. All of the decorations on the cake are made out of fondant and gum paste. Images are made out of edible icing sheets. Roller coaster was more difficult that I expected, but all in all, this cake was so fun to make. The expression on the girl’s face was so worth it!! TFL

Amusement park

Amusement park By seiver

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster By cakewelder
My Daughter wanted to have her party at the local amusement park so this was a fitting cake

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster By sueognibene
This cake was made for a Sweet 16. Hope you like it.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster By thesugarmama123
Gumpaste rollercoaster with fondant people and cake is buttercream.

Roller Coaster Cake

Roller Coaster Cake By cakeladyinri
Made this cake for my daughter, everything was edible except for the sign that said happy birthday

Roller coaster grad

Roller coaster grad By bake-me-a-cake
The ROLLER COASTER GRAD cake! This young man graduated from Emmaus HS (bottom tier), he’s attending Univ of Central Florida in the Fall (middle tier) and his goal to become a structual engineer and design rides for Disney.

My Steampunk roller coaster wedding cake

My Steampunk roller coaster wedding cake By kelleyincolorado
This is my own wedding cake… a mix of Steampunk and the movie Parenthood:) I recently married a man with two kids and so now we have our own clan. All of the kids helped create this cake— it was great fun!

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion By cookiesue
“Cake” made for our local county fair whose theme was “Out Of This World”. All decorations are fondant with roller coaster base being krispie treats and the dome of the saucer being gelatine.

Walley World 1st Birthday

Walley World 1st Birthday By sherryd75
Clarke’s Walley World B-day cake. Vanilla bean with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. Oreo crumb parking lot and rice krispie wall and roller coaster. I wanted to add the family station wagon and some other details but ran out of time :(


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