What was the best cake you made in 2013?


best cake

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Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the baking world or you’re a seasoned professional, 2013 was surely a year of discoveries and achievements. Did you tackle a tricky technique? Make someone’s day with a perfectly personal design? Win a contest… or even just the battle against fondant? We want to hear about your biggest accomplishment of the last 12 months! Your answer could be featured in an upcoming issue of Cake Central Magazine!

So tell us,

What was the best cake you made in 2013?


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Hello Cake Central,

I have just submitted my story for "What was the best cake you made in 2013" but I was very uncertain where the photo should be attached, as there was no option. If you could let me know whether I can send it with an email, I will be able to do that, thanks.

Regards, Gabriella, Sweet Passion


I am not sure how topost my photo either...I have posted a link to my facebook page with the photo but would like to know how you would like me to post it....thanks for the opportunity.


Hi there

I also could not attach a pic of the cake. How do i go about getting the pics of the cake to you




My name is Grace Heerman and I am an Associate Editor at Cake Central Magazine. Thank you for your responses! We don't include photos in our "Your Slice" section, only written stories. So there's no need to send us images of your cakes.


Oh thanks for your response to my question Grace. I hope I included enough detail in my written response....oh well never mind....


Oh...!! Please, don't include the one I posted. After I read mine, I thought it does not match your criteria. I hope you understand . But, I can't wait to read the ones you will be posting. You guys are awesome!!!

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