To celebrate the upcoming film Jobs (in theaters on August 16th, 2013!), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite technology-inspired cakes. From tiny app icon details to intricate computer keyboards, these technology cakes definitely take some of our favorite gadgets to a sweet new place.

iPhone cake
By olgaCake
Customer asked us to make a cake representing one thing her husband can’t live without….his iPhone. She wanted the apps to represent all the other things he can’t live without, like his twin boys, steaks, country music, and more. So that’s what we did. This iPhone is a 4x scale replica. That’s 18 x 10 Inches. Can you hear me NOW!Hope you enjoy it.

ipod cake

By RiLinNa
This is actually made out of all rice krispies since the birthday girl didnt like cake. It was colored to match her ipod.


By Corrie76
10″ 2 layer, iced in BC with MMF decorations :)

By loveyourcake
Macbook Cake

By amyswtcks
iPhone app cupcakes

iPad Cake

By mgostin
Hand painted background and hand crafted ‘apps’

Mac / Iphone cupcakes

By fino
Buttercream swirls and edible images.

Iphone wish cake for my niece' 17th bday


iPhone 4S

By NStreet
iPhone 4S(apps to match actual phone)

Black iphone cake

By Pickulz
French Vanilla cake with buttercream filling and covered with fondant


milagros0309 Says... 15 Aug 2013 , 8:20am

nice jobs! now i have some ideas for my granddaughter thanks :))

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