Whether it’s a bite-sized indulgence or a pastry fit for a king, no dinner party is complete without the perfect dessert. In fact, for most cakemakers, dessert is their time to shine! Do you like to show off your skills for your friends and family, or do you take a break from the stress of cake decorating and make something simple but delicious?

Dessert cake buttet by lorieleann

Dessert cake buttet by lorieleann

We want to know how you top off your dinners. So tell us, what’s your go-to dessert for entertaining?

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KimRevis01 Says... 2013-09-16 13:40:53

When I am having guests over for an upscale party my go to dessert is my homemade Tiramisu. We make everything from scratch (except the lady fingers). Yes we make our own mascarpone cheese, shave our dark chocolate ... we go all out, and it is always worth it. Our guests love it, and we never have a single bit left over.

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