Top Sea Creature Cakes

Take a dive into the beautiful ocean blue with our top sea creature cakes! Filled with vibrant colors, unique plants and fascinating sea creatures, this swimmingly sweet selection of under the sea-themed cakes, cookies, cake pops and cupcakes is overflowing with creativity. Feeling inspired? Head over to our Coral Reef Inspiration Challenge Contest!

Ocean stingrays

Ocean stingrays By dianelm
Okay, so I got a little carried away on this cake for an 8-year old to serve 30. :) 7×4 stacked on top of 10×4; also 9×3 and 7×2, cut to fit all covered with fondant (board, too) and airbrushed. All animals made of fondant; lots of coral techniques-microwaved royal, chocolate over ice, non-pairels over royal (with and without wires). Lacy plants are unbreakable gel.
Starfish and Stargazers

By teaparty
The bride just wanted a small cutting cake for the reception. This cake is a 6 inch xtra deep cake and was inspired by a cake by City Girl Cakes that the bride likes. I’ve added my own touches to the design and it’s a different colour scheme than the original. This was my first time making a gumpaste lily too! TFL.

By KimmysKakes
There she blows!

Deep Ocean

By boloembranco
Rodrigo loves the ocean. And I loved making this cake :-)

Under the sea

By Tutita
coral reef, anemones and a butterfly fish for an ocean enthusiast


By kdhjth
Buttercream with fondant details. Bottom tier inspired by invitation and Tastefully-Treated Artistic Cakes. Birthday boy requested teeth!

"Under the Sea" Cake

By sweetladycakes
Such a fun cake to make. Jelly fish are made of fruit jelly slices, with royal icing googly eyes and “legs”.

Sea Monster Cupcakes

By Amyleigh3480
Lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and lemon curd buttercream. Sea monsters are fondant.

sea theme

By iulishca
A fun cake with lots of color and sea creatures :) Design by cake creations (mireillea on cakecentral)

Octopus Cake Pop

By LindzerBee
A cute little octopus cake pop for an under the sea theme birthday party.

Crab Cake Pops!!

By autumnlynnschocolatesins
The perfect accent for your next pool party or under the sea party!!

Sea Creature Cakes

By ThePartiologist
Sea Creature Cakes using Cake Pop Filling and Sand Molds.