Top Smurfs Cakes

With The Smurfs 2 in theaters this summer, these silly little blue friends are more popular than ever! Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Brainy Smurf are all super excited about these Top Smurf Cakes— we caught them oohing and aahing over these Smurf-inspired creations. Who knows, maybe one of them is smurfberry-flavored!

Smurf birthday

Smurf birthday By jamiet

By tricia4

2D Smurfette

By aarklay
2D Smurfette chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, iced in fondant.

Happy Smurfday!

By confetti_jeddah
This is the cake I made for my beautiful twin girls’ slumber party. All things “Smurf” are the craze this year, and, obviously, one Smurfette wasn’t enough, so I proudly present to you…. Smurfine!!! This is how Annie, my brown haired,brown eyed beauty decided to call her :) . I’ll post more detailed pictures a bit later!

Smurf birthday cake

By md79

Smurf Cake Pops

By Cilla17
Chocolate falvoured cake pops

Happy Smurfday

By PennieK
This was for my DSs 30th Bday. Bottom of house I used the wondermold the top is made from RCT. Smurf is gumpaste the rest is fondant.

The Smurf House.

By BillieH
Smurfette stand on her door step. Grumpy hovers over a tied up Garagamel, with Brainy Smurf. Azrael sneaks around to help Gargamel. Wash is hanging on the line. Papa discuses smurf berried with Gusty, while Clumsy waves. Smurf characters are toys. Everything else is made of fondant and gum paste with the exception of the rope, the clothes line string, and the #5 candle.

Papa Smurf

By HeatherMari
This is a cut-out cake that I made for a retirement party. I used two square pans so I had two flavors. I drew out a template and cutout the cake and then outlined the design in dark grey buttercream and filled in with buttercream. The bottom border is done with a bag striped with blue and red and filled with white buttercream to get the tri-color effect.

Smurf Cake Pops

By MommyUpgrade
I made these little guys with the help of my 3 year old! She loved putting the facial features on — which are all made with fondant, as is the hat. If you have questions about how I made them, I have tips on my website mommyupgrade (dot) com.

The Brainy Smurf Cake

By epica
Brainy Smurf cake for my niece’s birthday. It’s filled with blueberry filling, covered in ganache and fondant over it. Al the decorations are fondant.

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