Top Ice Cream Cakes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Did you know? July is National Ice Cream Month, and we’re excited to share these delicious-looking ice cream-inspired cakes with you. Filled with ice cream popsicles, sundaes, waffle cones and chocolate syrup, this just might be our sweetest top cake selection ever.

3D Ice Cream cone cake - two scoops!

3D Ice Cream cone cake – two scoops! By makeprettycakes
This is my sweet little version of the stand up ice cream cone cake, a perfect summer cake for us right now in New Zealand! I did take photos in my little photo booth, but thought I’d share the version with my little girl posing to show scale! Needless to say she was thrilled with it. Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!!! xoxo*Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate caramel mudcake flavors, covered in white ganache and fondant. Coconut grass on fondant board. Ladybird inspired by clay crafter Sabrina Cantafio – so gorgeous! Not sure who to credit the 3D cone idea to, please tell me if you know! Nina xoxo
Decadent Ice Cream Sundae Cake

By slindsay
“Ice cream” is a french vanilla cake, filled with raspberry buttercream and covered in french vanilla buttercream icing. “Waffle bowl” is a chocolate cake, filled with raspberry buttercream, and covered in chocolate ganache and then fondant.Fondant bananas and spoons (spoons have each party-goes name on them – a brilliant idea inspired by jcstefanic’s cake).Real whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate ganache fudge topping, and of course a cherry on top! And don’t forget to serve with a side of real ice cream!

Sweet shoppe Icecream cupcake sundae and misc cupcake cookies

By Alissweettooth
Sweet shoppe cookies

Sundae Ice-cream fun

By Elise87
I made this just as a single cookie and thank goodness i did cose it was a lot of work with it’s share of problems lol I wanted to make a really intricate cookie for fun and also for a bit of a challenge so i decided i wanted to do a sundae ice cream theme and found an amazing black and white clip-art image that i decided to replicate onto the cookie with some fun colours. Almond biscuit with flooded Antonia’s RI. I really love this cookie :) Thanks for looking

ice cream bar

By cib
My replica of planet cakes famous ice cream bar.

Popcorn, Ice Cream and Gumballs

By sunnybono
My daughter’s three favorite things. We had Abby’s “Third Birthday Blow-Out” and celebrated with lots of bubblegum. Thanks to Diane’s Cakes for inspiration. The popcorn is actuall mini marshmallows just cut with scissors and painted with a yellow buttery center. This cake is mostly buttercream with fonant accents. Oh…the icecream cones are real cones. It was actually an easy cake.

Icecream Cake

By littlecakesformyhappy
I’m so excited to share this cake with you all. This cake was a completely just because cake. It also challenged me and was a really good learning experience for me. I certainly know what not to do the next time round :-) I made this cake for a dear friend, who’s gorgeous daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday in style with an icecream party. Savanah went ALL out with styling this party and I was thrilled to get the chance to make a cake to match. Willow was over the moon for it and I got the best cuddle in return for the cake. Best thanks ever!! I didn’t get a pic of Willow with her cake, but I’m sure there will be some. I promise to post some when they come through. This cake stood just under a meter high. All the scoops of icecream are real cake, however the waffle cone is styrofoam. To the decorators out there, don’t look too closely, there are certainly some mistakes with this one, but really, overall I love it and hopefully I’ll get to make another one soon :-) Happy birthday Willow Woo Woo xxx

I scream for icecream

By CareyI
I needed a quick and easy cake for a dear friends birthday. so….here it is. Thanks to this idea here on CC! I had a much more elaborate cake planned but was in a crunch. TFL!!!!

Ice Cream and Balloon cake

By ynagirl
Lea Rose is celebrated her 1st birthday bash with an icecream and balloon themed party. Her mom had a couple of cakes in mind so combining things she liked about different cakes she has found on the internet and Lea Rose’s Invitation, I have come up with this design for her cake. All the little ice creams in the bottom tier were hand cut. :) Bottom tier is non edible and top tier is vanilla cake with rasbperry smbc, covered in ganache then fondant. This is the last cake im going to do before the vacation. I am so happy i took this order in. I have a couple of cakes that i have been dying to make and this one was one of it. So Happy! :)

Icecream Birthday

By misterc
My daughter decided on an icecream sundae party so I made this cake at the last minute. We let the kids make their own sundaes and had sherbert and sprite punch too. Talk about sugar overload.

Ice Cream Cake

By Sleepy_Baker
Vanilla & chocolate cake with vanilla & chocolate buttercream. Cone & ice cream sculpted out of cake.

Icecream & candy party

By twistedsplinters
made this for my bff’s daughters birthday everything is made from mm fondant . inspired by cakes here on cc!! TFL!

With a cherry on top!

By moonbabel
Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake and cupcakes decorated for an icecream themed birthday party. All edible MMF decorations (banana was gumpaste and petal dust).

Ice Cream Cone

By SweetTreatsbyJess
Cake I did for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake covered in fondant. Fondant decorations. Instructions:

cupcakes that look like ice cream

By Eva2
They look just like Italian ice but they are not!!! They are WASC cupcakes with buttercream icing. I got the idea from confetti cakes for kids (book). I love the way they came out, everyone thinks that it’s icecream. TFL

ICE Cream inspired

By Mothersuperior
Yellow cake filled with oreocream, covered with buttercream. Scoops and cream are all buttercream, real strawberry and icecream cone.

Big bowl of Ice-cream cake

By Gillw101
I wanted to do something different for my sons birthday. So instead of the usual football, I chose his other favourite thing….ice-cream! The bowl is chocolate cake and the ice-cream balls are giant cake pops smothered in buttercream.

Valentine's Ice Cream Cones

By nefgaby
I made this for my son’s class. Cupcake baked on a cone. Fondant heart. TFL

Cone Cake

By cupcakequeen
Just a quick cake put together for no special ocassion. Mini cones but in half then pressed into sides of cake.

Valentine's Day Treats

By dailey
“ice-cream cone” and “cupcake” are vanilla poundcake, “doughnut’ is rice crispies, all covered in fondant.

Candy Cake!

By EnglishCakeLady
Fondant-covered carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Fondant candy and M&Ms. The ice cream ‘accident’ is a cake pop based on the Bakerella version. I saw a version of this cake by Andrea Schwarz on Cakewrecks Sunday Sweets, but I don’t have a website to link to. Thank you, Andrea!

3D ice cream cone

By Brooke420
Thank you to Trixietreats for the help with this cake. “Cone” is styrofoam threaded on 1/2″ PVC. Bottom 2 scoops are 2 layer 6″ rounds carved to shape. Next layer is a 4″ 2 layer, and top is an inverted cupcake. Made for my daughter’s 6th birthday. Chocolate ganache drips and fondant cherry. TFL.

By nld0627
Cake & Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Cone

By sandykay
This is a fun and easy cake to make.

Banana Split Cake Pops

By sugarkissed_net
You’ll be passing on the ice-cream once you learn how to make these adorable and decadent banana split cake pops!

Ice Cream Cupcakes

By disneygirl89
I had some plain vanilla bean cupcakes so I decided to make toppers for them that look like twin pops, mint chocolate chip ice cream cones, and popsicles.

icecream cupcake

By smitakasargod
Vanilla cupcake with 7 min frosting. Fondant ice cream.

Giant Icecream Cone

By zuzucakes
Dual baby shower, both obsessed with ice cream , it seemed the obvious choice,

icecream cone

By thecook
This cake almost didn’t make it. Not very stable. Bottom is styrofoam cone with PVC pipe through middle. Cake is 4 six inch rounds and 1 mini wonder mold for the top.Covered with buttercream and chocolate ganache. Fondant strawberry. Glad it didn’t have to travel anywhere

icecream cone cakepops

By SugarCoatedNZ
Inspiration from Bakerella!

Sweet shoppe Icecream cupcake sundae and misc cupcake cookies

By Alissweettooth
Sweet shoppe cookies

Banana Split icecream cake

I made this for a fair entry for a children’s birthday cake. What goes better than cake and icecream?!

ice-cream cone cake

By Bonziecakes
Ice-cream cone cake. Thank you for all the similar cakes on CC for the inspiration

By Cake Time
Ice-cream sundae.

Ice Cream Sundae

By Steady2Hands
Okay, it’s not really an ice cream sundae but the Birthday girl wanted a simple cake with a cupcake on top topped with a strawberry. Her Mom has ice cream candles to put on the cake so I thought this would be a neat design for the occasion. (I went overboard on the sprinkles – LOL) The strawberry is gumpaste.

Ice Cream Cone Shaped Cake

By cathyrose
ice cream cone shaped cake…

Ice Cream cone cake 3D

By EandEmom
My try at the ice cream cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It was a big hit for her ice cream sundae party:)Description “Kudos and thanks to Brooke420 who so graciously shared her technique with all of us on CC for this cake!! Cake board is 1/2″ plywood cut in a 20″ circle, metal flange is screwed in from the bottom and I used rubber door stops as “feet” to make it easier to pick up and move the cake. Cone is a 9″ styrofoam cone covered in textured fondant – a metal threaded 8″ pipe runs through it into the flange and a PVC connector extends PVC pipe beyond that height, into the cake layers. I used 6″ round cake with half ball pan on top for bottom two tiers and a 5″ pan with a Pyrex bowl for the top tier. Cake is buttercream covered with ganache and sprinkle and fondant cherry on top” thanks bayousmiles

Ice cream cupcake topper

By sjlh

ice cream cones cake

By mbark
8″ cake iced in buttercream with fondant bow & ball border and ice cream cone cutouts. I had so much fun designing the ice cream flavors, there’s vanilla with sprinkles & a cherry, strawberry, mint chip, fudge marble, orange sherbet, and cookies n cream.

Ice Cream Cone Cake

By teacheramanda
My daughter’s 3rd birthday cake for her “Ice Cream Parlour” party. Ice cream is RKT covered in fondant.

Ice Cream Sundae Cake

By FaithfullyCakes
Ice cream sundae 7th birthday, bowl and 4 scoops cake, covered in fondant, fondant sprinkles, ganache fudge, buttercream for whipped cream. Matching cupcakes.

Ice cream pop cake!

By EricaObrienCake
I purchased mini popsicle sticks at my local crafts store, then created a template for the ice cream pop shape. I took a “bite” out of a few using a cutter, and made sprinkles out of fondant using a clay extruder. Everything is fondant except for the sticks.

Sophie's Ice Cream Cake

By teaparty
I made this cake for a friend’s daughter who was turning 2! There were a few harrowing moments with this cake as the first support that I had built didn’t work. My cake started to tip and I had to have my daughter come hold it up while I dismantled it (good thing she wasn’t in school yet!). I rethought the support and built a new one and the cake ended up working out great after that. Whew! TFL.

We all scream for ice cream!

By GeminiRJ
This was my submission to June’s cookie of the month thread. I’d had the clip art for quite a while, and it fit June’s summer theme perfectly! Iced with glace.

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New to this site and so glad I found it! I loved browsing the categories and especially enjoyed the Ice Cream Themed Cakes. The cupcakes by disneygirl are so delightfully simple, dainty, and so elegant. The 'cones' made by SweetTreatsbyJess are simply sweet! I love this site!

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