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Overjoyed by the news that America’s favorite snack cake will be back on the shelves this summer? Celebrate the return of the Twinkie with these Top Snack Cakes! Check out the countdown on Hostess’ website.


twinkie anniversary cake

twinkie anniversary cake By jodei
i used 4- 8″round cakes, every other one is choc and white cut in half. i then took a round cookie cutter and cut a hole through every one of the 1/2 rounds. i glued them together with bc. i then filled the hole with bavarian creme filling. then iced the whole thing with bc and airbrushed. i reason behind the twinkie cake is because a friend of mine said that her mom figured that they forgot about their anni. since they weren’t throwing them a party( which they were, it just was a surprise) so she told her she might as well just get them a twinkie and stick a candle in it and call it good.

Twinkie Sushi

By Lisa

Twinkie Wedding Cake

By leah_s
Yep, they are Twinkies. Handmade gown and tux from fondant. The sofa is Twinkies, upholstered in fondant.


By stylishbite
Choco cake, BC icing, rice paper image. Writing in Chinese said, Grandma Gina. I didn’t have enough room for Happy Birthday. It was for my step moms b-day. The sushi is twinkies wrapped in fruit roll ups.Thanks to lisa for hlp on this cake.

Giant HoHo's

By foxymomma521
Giant HOHO snack cakes. Made for one of my husband’s clients who LOVES HoHo’s :) All Fondant-TFL!


By Kathleen01
Yellow cake with raspberry filling. Covered with buttercream. This cake was made for a man they call “twinkie” who was turning 40. Joined by a ho-ho cake that was also posted.

GIANT Hostess Cupcake

By lizdeba
My dad loves Hostess Cupcakes, so for his birthday I made him a HUGE one!

Halloween Twinkies

By zoraya
Fun kids project for October.

twinkie cake

By rach415
a friend was bumming about their birthday and pouted ‘i just want a twinkie with a single candle in it, not even a cake!’ so this was my reply :)

twinkie cake

By malene541
This was for a birthday boy who is in love with twinkies. The little cake is a real store bought twinkie. The plastic is food grade shrink wrap that I sealed using my food saver seal machine. The cake is covered in MMF and airbrushed and has twinkie filling.

Princess Gecko Licking Twinkie

By Gavriela
I love this cake, it tasted just like a twinkie, the frosting is wonderful. This was for a little girls 1st birthday.

Sunflower Cake

By leahyma
This was supposed to be made with twinkies, but I bought the kit to make twinkies and just used a regular cake mix to make them. The middle is covered in Hershey Kisses.

hostess cupcake

By mijogian
hostess cupcake


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