Top Pansy Cakes

While commonly thought of as a humble potted plant, the sweetly fragrant, edible blossoms of the pansy have historic roots. Glorified in  William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Cupid’s Flower” was used as a love potion- when dripped into the eyelids, the individual would fall madly in love with the next person they saw. The same is sure to happen when you see these Top Pansy Cakes!

Pansy Pot with Watering Can and Garden Fairy

Pansy Pot with Watering Can and Garden Fairy By xxkristaxx
Blue Pansies

By Piamarianne
I know they´re old-fashioned, but i absolutely LOVE pansies!

Girl and pansies

By Alll

Wedgwood Inspiration

By sheena
60th brthday cake …I was inspired by wedgwood japerware…Vanilla and chocolate cake layers, filled with chocolate buttercream and marzipan, and covered with vanilla fondant. The paisley lace are handpiped royal icing pieces which are individually stuck onto the fondant scolloped circles. The white flower pattern inbetween the two rows of lace are fondant cut outs for which I used the JEM elegant scroll cutter and cut out just the top half of the centre of the scroll design. I made all the flowers (pansy, chincherinchees, gypsophila) and foliage (ivy etc) and stand for the 60 out of gumpaste. The filigree 60 was also hand piped with royal icing. Fixing the lace pieces was torture but well worth the effort :) TFL!

He Loves Me...She Loves Me

By I_Love_Cake_Decorating
Iced with French Buttercream Icing and all the flowers I made of Royal Icing. The Bride chose a clear topper that had daisies and the words, “He loves me… She loves me…


By springlakecake
Not for my mom…but for a friend’s mom’s birthday tomorrow. Buttercream icing with royal icing pansies. I tried to put some shimmer dust on it. It looks great under the light, but kind of looks like dust when there is no light on it! Oh well ! It’s an alternate of the wilton 2 final cake.

Pot of pansies

By grams
Made in the large size muffin pan. Buttercream icing and royal icing pansies. Another cake for the dessert auction for my church’s youth group.

Lavender Petal Cake w/Double Stacked Tier

By KJ62798
This is a fondant covered cake. The 10in base is a single layer of WASC vanilla w/lemon filling. The center tier has 2 6in WASC lemon cakes w/raspberry filling double stacked as a barrel. The top tier is a 4in WASC vanilla w/lemon. Center tier is covered in individually cut petals of marbled fondant graduating from lavender to cream. Pansies are 50/50 gumpaste & fondant. Ribbon is fondant made w/an extruder and brushed w/luster dust. Inspired by a variety of cakes here on CC.

Vintage cookies

By jackiee70
Pansy inspiration

Mother's Day Pansies

By mjs4492
4″ and 3″ cakes carved into shape, iced with buttercream then covered with fondant. Edible pansies ordered online.

Birthday Pansies

By KittisKakes
Brushed on pink and purple pansies

Pansy cookies

By Mac
These cookies were for an 80th birthday party. Could not find a cookie cutter like I wanted, so I took a inexpensive tin one I found at craft store and reshaped it. I now keep several of those in different sizes for reshaping.

By Kate28
Tulips & Pansies

Pansy Christmas

By pidge
This is a vanilla spice cake with cinnamon buttercream. Royal icing pansies and buttercream leaves. I had intended for this to be “fall thememed” … but by the time it was finished it was extrememly Christmas like … thankfully it was a spur-of-the moment donated cake and it’s after Thanksgiving! :)

cakes for twins

By Pamkakor
made these hand painted pansy cakes for identical twins turning 14.

Eightieth Birthday Girl

By Phoov
Small oval cake with image of the birthday girl MANY years ago. Buttercream icing with royal pansies. Chocolate cake.


By flourjuice
Fondant covered accented w/ gumpaste bow and flowers. TFL!

6 kinds of flowers!!

By sheena
8″ Cake – 2 layers of chocolate cake and 1 layer of vanilla cake with rich chocolate buttercream between the layers… Covered in vanilla fondant, ribbon below the top border is plastic ribbon. Borders, lace work, butterfly and piping detail on sides are all royal icing. Flowers (yellow lily, agapanthus, pansy, chincherinchee, gypsophila and daisy) and foliage are made of gumpaste. I really enjoyed all the royal icing work! :) Oh! and I made this (as an order) for a lady who really admires my work and wanted to show my work to her entire family (parents, siblings, husband and children)…she asked for an assortment of flowers. She and her family absolutely loved the cake :)

By malou1021

teacup and saucer cookies

By bonniebakes
this was my entry for the NCACS this weekend. Hand cut and decorated with royal icing. the pansies are hand painted, the pink one is just icing, and the others are stenciled. Spoon heads are curved and handles are shaped and covered in RI and silver luster dust. They got second place.

wilton 2 basket

By mosolyka
this is my basket cake from an other angle.

Purple Pansies Birthday

By Creativecakesbychris
Made this one for my own birthday! Fondant covered with hand-made, hand-painted gumpaste pansies! Love the way they turned out!

Flowers for Gran

By JWinslow
Butter pound cake with lemon/orange filling. The Rattan basket was made using 8, 9, 10 inch pans carved into shape and covered with fondant . The weave was made by atttaching the basket spines and then adding strips to create the look, finishing with a wash of diluted gel color mixed with vodka. All flowers are gum paste. There are lilacs, tulips, jonquils, roses, viola, lily of the valley and pansies.

For the love of Pansy

By ShuggaNay
Vanilla cake, Buttercream frosting done in basket weave. There are about 24 Gumpaste pansies on this cake, each one hand painted.

Pansy flower

By Cake_whiz
A pansy flower made from gum paste (can also be made with 50/50). I used the most basic cutters to make this… no fancy shmancy petal cutters.

Crystal Beauty

By snowy811
This was done as a Display cake for a friend’s bead shop. It is just a styrofoam cake dummy with Fondant Icing, Royal Pansies and Swarovski Crystal Necklaces. I wasn’t sure how it would look with Crystals on it but it turned out very nice and the Bride would get the Crystal Necklaces. The Swarovski Crystals are on the top and bottom layers.

gum paste pansy and violet

By nannie
from my ICES class with Nic Lodge


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