From precious poodles to the soaring Eiffel Tower, Paris takes the cake. These Top Paris Cakes will make you feel as if you’ve just strolled down the posh Champs-Élysées.

Vintage cake
Vintage cake By mina77

Paris Birthday cake

By Tjensen
Another version of our large eiffel tower cake this one with some color added as this cake is for a 17 year old girl who summers in Paris! If you look closely, there is a plane pulling the Birthday banner. Really a fun cake. Yellow cake with vanilla bean IMBC.

Paris themed wedding cake

By fortheloveofcake11
A Parisian themed wedding cake for a couple who got engaged at a cafe in Paris. All of the buildings are hand-sculpted out of modelling chocolate.

Pink Paris Cake

By soygurl
Eiffel Tower is made from Royal Icing (a very long and painstaking process.) Cakes are covered with Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). Dots on the top tier, and pink stripes on the bottom tier are also MMF. Bows are dried MMF with Gum Tex added for stability. Black details are Royal icing. Everything is eddible. Fall ’08

Springtime in Paris

By EnglishCakeLady
A cake I made for a Paris-themed Teacher Appreciation luncheon. The Eiffel Tower is just a topper. Those stripes are harder than they look!

Pink Poodle in Paris

By UpAt2am
This was my take on the popular “Pink Poodle in Paris” birthday theme. I did 9 inch rounds, tapered to 7 inches in the middle on the bottom tier, and 6 inch rounds ofr the top tier. Entire cake is iced in buttercream with fondant accents. Pale pink with white swirls and a bow, and the white with pink stripes mock the decor in the package. For added fun, I did black paw prints going up the side of the cake. The top is a # 1 (done with my cricut cake), and a ribbon rose. I did a jumbo smash cupcake with the same # 1 and a bigger paw print.

Pink and Black Eiffel Tower

By misterc
My very best friend is in Utah for a couple of weeks. She called on Thursday and asked if I could make her an eiffel tower cake for today. I really didn’t have time but I couldn’t tell her no. My very first cake 10 years ago was her birthday cake so it is fun to see how far I have come. The cake is decorated with fondant. The flowers are gumpaste and the eiffel tower is made out of chocolate. I don’t like my tower. Thanks for all the help on it though!

Paris, oh la la

By Puck35
For my mother’s birthday. She loves Paris and the two of us go there almost every year for a few days. The Eiffeltower is made comletely of Royal Icing (after tutorial by the SugarDuchess). It was soooo much work, but I liked it. Had never worked with royal icing before, so it was quite a challenge. Cake is filled with mocca, caramel, whiped cream, mascarpone and kahlua. Top cake is chocolate and egg liquor. The photo is edible printed on frosty and is 360degrees around the cake (panorama-picture Place de a Concorde)Greetings!

Pink Poodles in Paris

By sandralita
Buttercream cake with fondant accents. Gumpaste poodle.I’m so happy with this cake, especially because I don’t like workingwith buttercream that much. But it was a good practice and I thought afterall that it wasn’t as hard to get it smooth….using the Melvira method of course! I just adore the poodle. Hope you enjoy looking at it too! Thanks!

Paris at Night Theme

By LisaMS
Theme for party is “A Night in Paris”. buttercream with fondant accents.

Paris cake

By tavyheather
Client loved two totally different cakes, so I did a mash-up and made the top tier a barrel cake. GP Eiffel tower and white part of bows, fondant everything else

La Tour Eiffel

By DeliciaDesigns
A Parisian glamour cake topped with a fondant Eiffel Tower.

Paris in Pink

By SteelPennyCakes
1st birthday cake ~ 2 tiers fondant covered, top tier buttercream iced to be used as the smash cake.

French Pink Poodle

By 2muchsugar
Birthday cake for girl’s sixth birthday. Really fun to do…notice the paw marks going up the cake. Thanks for looking

Parisian Bow Cake

By Smash Cakery
Parisian bow themed first birthday cake, and smash cake. The inlay stripes took absolutely forever, but I love how it turned out.

Eiffel Tower

By CakeDiva101
All buttercream finished. The tower ifself was made of royal icing. This cake served 550 guests and was 6 feet tall. It was for the Parisian Night of a local school.

Parisian Themed Cookie (Dashund Cookie)

By sweetopia
Dashund Decorated Cookie

Paris-themed Birthday Cake

By mfruchey
I made this Parisian-themed birthday cake for my daughter’s seventh birthday. I got inspiration from several photos on this site. Had a lot of fun with this one, especially the gumpaste bow and the poodle.

Parisian Edible Images Wedding Cake

By PaulaJaneBourke
Parisian Edible Images Wedding Cake – PJ x

Shopping girl birthday cake

By Tray2
Wow… ok where to start.. first of all i posted info for this cake under another pic of mine sorry… so i wanted a shopping cake for my boss.. a real fashionista… She loved it… there is a gift bag with the eiffel tower, an opened gift box, closed gift box, pearl necklace, purse, shoes, crown, flowers, and a 2 tier cheese cake.. it took me 3 days to do this.. i had to leave work for a few hours to take a nap becasue i could not stay awake.. thnaks for looking :)

Eiffel Tower Cake

By rdpjcakes
The base is 12 inches square and the overall height is 30 inches. There are 6 layers of cake in the lower 12 inches of this fondant covered cake. The upper 18 inches of the structure is made from rice cereal treats covered in royal icing to smooth it out before applying the fondant. The upper portion has a wooden dowel rod embedded inside for support. The dowel extends down through the cake and cake boards to the base. All of the tower elements were added by adhering brown fondant strips to the cake.

Eiffel tower 40th birthday cake

By Marniela
All fondant except for brooch in the center of the bow.

Eiffel Tower Cake

By blissfulbaker
Eiffel Tower and flowers made from royal icing, Cake in a pink and black basketweave.

Paris Themed 50th Birthday Cake

By bacibaci
Here?s a cake I made this past weekend for a clien?ts 50th birthday. She was having a Paris themed party and this cake fit perfectly. Original design by Cakes by Roselyn.

Whimsical Hat box with Eiffel Tower

By marthajo1
I am sorry if this annoys some of you! :lol: But I have to repost this because when I tried to change the photo it erased all my thank yous and information! Thanks so much to Fairytale and Doug for the hat box idea and how to! Thanks to Sugarshack for the color/patterns and RSTML for the fabulous RI tower tutorial. Cake is 10″ decadent choco. with chocolate covered cherry fill and 8″ white(?) with Strawberry milk shake fill.


By Madamegateau
A cake I’ve made for the dutch cake magazine Mjamtaart

Paris Cake

By jcharron003
This was a Farewell cake for a girl named Alex. She was off to Paris, lucky her… I airbrushed France and handpainted the city names. The Eiffel tower was made of gumpaste – I learned how to shim the pieces together by shaving down the edges with a scalpel. Pretty intricate work – I finished it off by adding royal icing detail and then airbrushed the tower to look like metal. She kept the Eiffel tower as a keepsake and the chocolate Guinness cake was devoured on the spot. Great success! This is probably one of my favourite cakes.


By babysteps22
I made this cake to match the baby’s bedding, Petit Tresor Versailles. TFL!!

Mademoiselle Macaron Cupcake

By Fantasticakes
The next week I will teach my Mademoiselle Macaron at the Italian Cake Design Festival (Milano, 23-26 of May, 2013)

Parisian themed birthday cake

By BellaRia
Lauren’s very last birthday party at high school just had to be a special one. Yes she is 18 years now ! A lot of her classmates were invited, so she was expecting a jaw-dropping cake .Well how could I deny? The choice was easy, as Paris is one of her favourite cities, it just had to be a parisian themed cake. They loved it! It’s a rich moist chocolate cake with chocolate cream and cherry pie Riany

Chloe in Paris

By Smash Cakery
This design was requested by my client, and is an almost exact replica of the GORGEOUS "Baby Paris" cake created by the insanely talented girls at the CAKE Goodness cake company.

Paris Themed Birthday

By Alisa555
Fondant with gum paste bow and ribbon roses. Eiffel tower is royal icing piped on gum paste. Faux bling was used on the base of the top and bottom tier.

Paris, Eiffel Tower Birthday Cake

By Brettley
Paris Themed Birthday Cake.This was my daughter's birthday cake:) She NEVER knows what she wants and could honestly care less about what kind of cake she gets. So getting a theme out of her is like pulling teeth. Her bedroom is Paris themed and she absolutely loves it, so I decided to make a Paris themed cake:) She loved it! And I am super happy with how it turned out.TFL

Albena's Custom Cakes

Albena's Custom Cakes By albena
Albena's Custom CakesSalut de Paris

Albena's Custom Cakes By Tammy Iacomella
A Paris themed cake made for a beautiful friends birthday celebrations.

Albena's Custom Cakes By Ashwini
An evening in Paris!A Birthday cake for a sweet 16th birthday of a pretty girl. The theme of the party was Evening in Paris.Handpainted the eiffel tower on the cake.Inspired by a cake from Sifted Bakery

A little bit of Paris

A little bit of Paris By cakespirations
*What is black and white and ruffles all over? …. Right now, me after I finished this cake.

Paris themed wedding cake

A little bit of Paris By deedee1978

Fondant Tea & Mini Cakes

A little bit of Paris By AvaDoodles
Finished the set of six. I added some ruffled fondant & fondant Eiffel Towers for a little girls Paris themed birthday party!

Funky  fav items

A little bit of Paris By sarah_d
Vans shoe, paris, ipod, mustache, bow tieall of my 13 year old clients favorite items


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