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Let the wild rumpus start!

In honor of what would have been children’s book author and illustrator Maurice Sendak’s 85th birthday, our top cakes highlight his most well-known work, Where the Wild Things Are. These cakes represent the fantasy world of Max, one filled with dark and dreamlike imagery of monstrous creatures romping around the jungle with their boy king.

Where the wild things are...

By Iva1976
Head and body are cake. For the arms I used RKT and the legs are all fondant. I did’nt wait for the legs to dry and they basically flatened out right before my eyes…LOLAll other details are Fondant, gumpaste and royal icing. TFL

Where the Wild Things Are

By alimonkey
This may be my favorite cake yet. I keep saying that, but who doesn’t love Max and his Wild Things? This was for a boy baby shower and knowing the parents, it will be a wild rumpus indeed!Yellow cake with IMBC, raspberry IMBC filling.

Max Where the Wild Things Are

By Spicy_Erin
Max Where the Wild Things Are. Max is holding a artificial hip instead of a staff because this cake was for someone who was turning 40, LOVES Max and just had her hip replaced and that’s what she requested he carry.

Where the Wild Things Are (Max)

By cakemomne
Max is a chocolater transfer who gave me fits until I remembered I could “paint” with food coloring to get the shadows.

Where the Wild things are

By icalise
I loved making this cake! Thank you for looking!

Where the Wild Things Are

By GrayGhost
Buttercream with buttercream transfer design. Wild Things on side of cake are also buttercream transfers – crossed my fingers that they would stay! Dots are chocolate candy.

where the wild things are movie cake

By Daniellesdelights
Popcorn is rice krispies covered in fondant, book fondant and yes hand painted with food coloring mixed with vodka, movie reel fondant dryed for two days and the cake covered in fondant plus popcorn is just small mashmellows

Where the Wild Things Are

I made this using the design by alimonkey. I had never tried the FBCT before and it works so well! I’m a huge fan of that technique now. Thanks alimonkey for a great design!

Where the Wild things Are

By APCakes
I actually started out trying to make that cute valentine’s cake with the pink monster that says “wild thing” but that was a disaster. So I scraped off all the pink icing and tried to make this from the Childrens’ book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak (the birthday theme was “wild thing”).

Where The Wild Things Are

By amybunce
I made this cake for my daughter’s birthday. This was her favorite childhood book (she’s now 24!). 12×18 cake with buttercream frosting. I did this in a rush. I live on the east coast, she lives on the west coast and unexpectly had to fly home because of an ill grandmother, during her birthday month. It was just for family, so a bit sloppy.

Where The Wild Things Are

By quilterdf
This was made for a friend who is a teacher. They were celebrating the end of the school years. Their theme for the year had been Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

By KrazyKross
2-layer 12 x18 FBCT of Where the Wild Things are Characters. The background is piped in with trees and vines. The flowers are royal icing.

Classic Children's Story Characters

By Uberhipster
Horton from Horton Hears a Who, Max from Where The Wild Things Are, Classic Pooh Bear, Curious George, and The Hungry Caterpillar. Hand painted on fondant.

Where the Wild Things Are

By Kiddiekakes
All Buttercream..Customer sent me a picture from the web and asked me to recreate it.I don’t know whose original design it was but Thankyou if it was someone here on CC.


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