Top Tree Stump Cakes

Easter Cake

Easter Cake By bmote1
This is my take on the Debbie Brown tree stump. I made it into an Easter cake by adding lots of little tiny easter eggs all around the cake. I also put in an easter lamb! I also added a little fairy!

Whether they incorporate fantasy characters, woodland  fairies or lifelike flora and fauna, tree stump cakes are majestic creations. Here are the best of tree stump cakes from the galleries, sure to inspire whimsical cake art.

Tree Stump

Tree Stump By ellepal
We saw this kind of cake on this site done by Franmjc from Australia, and really loved it so much we decided to do it for a party planning expo at our local mall. My husband did most of the work on it, since he happens to have most of the sculping abilities! Anyway, this is his version. This is one that went on the news station this morning!

Anjo's forest tea party cake

Tree Stump By mizzbar
Fondant tea set toppers with extended tier tree stump cake covered in fondant.

easter cake for school fete

easter cake for school fete By newsums
9″ vanilla cake with jam and vanilla b/c filling and chocolate cake tree stump with chocolate b/c filling, covered in fondant with gumpaste accents.Got lots of ideas from other cc cakes, thanks for looking x

October Grooms

October Grooms By jenicharles
These were made for 2 different weddings both on Oct. 2.The gnome cake was so much fun to make!!I just got a new airbrush that I love using!! These are my first cakes I have used it on.Look at the before and after pictures. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!They are both buttercream frosted with fondant details RKT pumpkins, leaves, Gnomes, snails all 100% edible.

Woodland Forest Baby Shower Cake

Woodland Forest Baby Shower Cake By CakesUnleashed
The photo’s don’t do this cake justice!! It turned out a lot cuter and was much better quality than depicted here. The flash made it look light and yellow. Ho Hum! Three 14″ rounds. All decorations are MMF (fondant).

Amazing stump and fairies.

Amazing stump and fairies. By Atkovic

The Disguises Worked!

The Disguises Worked! By krissy_kze
10″ pumpkin spice bundt cake with an 8″ round on top. Cream cheese icing. Fondant figures and leaves dusted with luster dusts.

tree stump

tree stump By toskanaloewe

Woodland Fairy Wedding cake

Woodland Fairy Wedding cake By hoosierhobbyist

Fairy Birthday Cake

Fairy Birthday Cake By CakeTopper
This is the cake I made for my niece’s birthday. Based on a Sylvia Weinstock design. Many thanks to Liis for her wonderful fairy tutorial

Tree Stump Critters

Tree Stump Critters By bennett5
Brown buttercream bark, satin ice top and fondant critters.

Another view of Easter cake

Another view of Easter cake By kelly75
Another view (there are so many little details on this cake!) The story to this cake is that Easter Bunny Jnr had pinched the basket of eggs and is hiding on the tree stump, feasting on chocolate (which is all over his face!)


Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! By smithml79
Rooster body is RKT covered with fondant/gumpaste feathers. Stump is french vanilla cake covered in fondant.

Woodland Fairy Cake

Woodland Fairy Cake By The_Sugar_Fairy
Everything on this cake is edible. The rose and fairy are made of gum paste. Thanks for looking!

There is no place like a gnome home

There is no place like a gnome home By jenicharles
Made for a couples anniversary that run a B&B.She loves gardening and gnomes.Stump is all butter cream. Gnomes and everything else are rolled butter cream and hand made.I made a larger one of the same cake, for a wedding, last fall and I love making themthey are so fun!Thanks for looking = )

Keep Away

Keep Away By talmas
Here is my sculpted cake entry for the Capital Confectioners’ Cake show in Austin Texas. My creative DH decided to take the pic outside. Puppy, squirrel, bone, and stump are sculpted cake. It is fondant covered and painted with a paintbrush. The board is covered in fondant and I used a star tip to give it texture. I used a veining tool and a toothpick for the stump texture. I used a toothpick to give the animals fur. I know you are going to ask. It took me a week and I missed a lot of sleep.


gnome-leisure1 By virago
Gnomes catching some R and R at their Tree Stump House, strawberry/vanilla cake, 6″ layered rounds with minimal carving, cake spackle for roots/knots, dark chocolate ganache filling/undercoat, MMF covered, hand veined and painted, MMF and ABC decorations, gumpaste gnomes

Woodland Forest Tree Stump

Woodland Forest Tree Stump By CakesUnleashed

Hedgehog Cake

Hedgehog Cake By Karenelli
Hedgehog on tree stump. Birthday cake for 10 year old. Chocolate Fudge Cake covered w/Chcocolate BC. Face is overlaid with fondant.

Tree Stump Groom's Cake

Tree Stump Groom’s Cake By EBCakes
Sugar squirrels and flowers etc

Woodland Critter Baby Shower

Woodland Critter Baby Shower By HappyCake10609
I made this cake for a friend’s baby shower. I designed it to match the invite (purchased from Etsy). I love my First Impressions Baby mold!! The woodland critters are made out of gumpaste (the hedgehog is my family’s favorite). The stump is rice krispy treat covered with fondant. The cake is lemon with lemon curd filling, lemon SMBC and covered in fondant.

Tree Stump cake

Tree Stump cake By TKBowers
My first 3-D sculpture cake. The tree, snails and insects are all made from fondant. Meringue mushrooms and candy lichen are around the tree. The butterflies are made using rice paper and edible markers.

By melanie-1221
Woodland Tree Stump Cake for my Mother’s 60th. ~I was given specific instructions that 60 was NOT to appear anywhere on this cake :)

Groom's Stump Cake

Groom’s Stump Cake By Startip
The groom is a hunter and both bride and groom enjoy hiking in Oregon where they come across the Oregon wild iris. Chocolate fudge cake with ganache and buttercream frostings. Gum paste decorations.

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest By confetti_jeddah
This is the cake I made for my friend’s baby shower in June 2010. She loved it!

Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow

Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow By robbie33
My daughters 6th Birthday Cake. All decor is in fondant except for wings. I used vellum paper.

Owl cake

Owl cake By NadaG
Owl is made out of two foam balls different sizes covered with sugarpaste. For the feathers i used rose leaves plunger cutter (medium and small) :)

Tree stump cake

Tree stump cake By Wendoger
…so its just a tree stump, orange creamsicle cake with Whimsical bakehouse buttercream. My husband put together an airbrush and compressor system for me for Christmas and this was my first time using it. It was so fun! I LOVE it!!! he took this cake to work and now I have 2 orders! Yay!Thanks for lookin’!!!!

65th Wedding Anniversary Enchanted Tree cake

65th Wedding Anniversary Enchanted Tree cake By Makeitmemorable
In 1944 this beautiful old couple carved their initials in a tree as a sign of their love – 65 years later they are celebrating their anniversary – I was so thrilled to do this beautiful cake for this customer. I put White roses because roses are her favourite and they are also the 65th Anniversary flower. Their invitation had little red and white birds sitting on branches so I added these to the tree. This was 3 tiers of Chocolate and Caramel mud swirl, covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant. Everything is completely edible. I highlighted the tree in gold luster dust to give it a bit more detail. I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake. Thanks for looking

I love you stump cake

I love you stump cake By Nixacakelady
3 ten inch rounds, iced with butter cream, combed and gouged then air brushed to look like a tree trunk.

Autumn tree stump wedding cake

Autumn tree stump wedding cake By SteelPennyCakes
This is the cake that I had did for the fall issue of Bird’s Party Magazine. Sugar butterflies by Sugar Robot.

Duck hunters dream

Duck hunters dream By southernmomto1
Fondant covered Pound cake for Mallard duck. Airbrushed to match decoy colors. Tree stump is made out of 5 14inch round cakes and then used Fondant with a tree bark template I made for texture. Cattails and other leaves are made out of gumpaste and then airbrushed. Wonderful time making this cake. Duck calls and shells made also from gumpaste.

By wonkycakes
Showpiece I made for my debut as a new member of Culinary Team Finland. This was over 2 feet tall. The birch stump and magpie were made from rice krispie treats and covered in fondant and modelling chocolate. The fairy and flowers were all made from gumpaste.


gnome-harvest1 By virago
Gnomes Harvesting Strawberries at their Tree Stump House, strawberry cake and pops, 6″ layered rounds with minimal carving, cake spackle for roots/knots, dark chocolate ganache filling/undercoat, MMF covered, hand veined and painted, MMF and gumpaste decorations, see album — — for figurine closeups

By leon88
” Gonna Love Panda “……rice crispy made for panda and 8″ cake tree stump…

Fall Wonderland

Fall Wonderland By cake-angel
Pumpkin Spice cake decorated with crusting cream cheese icing. The pumpkin is covered in Modelling chocolate. All other details are either painted or made from modelling chocolate. The birch tree stump is made completely from crusting cream cheese icing and carved and apinted on to formbark curls and edges.

Tree Stump Bridal Shower Cake

Tree Stump Bridal Shower Cake By KJ62798
This is a 10in marble cake w/chocolate BC covered in fondant. Tree roots were made from RKT. The flowers & leaves are gumpaste and fondant. Details done in petal & luster dust

Autumn Wedding Cake

Autumn Wedding Cake By wildorchid
Bottom tier is done with royal to mimic tree bark & given depth with airbrushing. Gum paste leaves and tiny birds. (photo by Mark Davidson)

Birch tree wedding

Birch tree wedding By chikadodle
Fondant covered cakes painted to look like birch bark, fresh flowers. Cake flavors were almond cake with vanilla pastry cream and coconut cake with passionfruit curd. Bride brought in a photo that she wanted replicated but requested brighter colors than the original.

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