Top Royal Icing Tiara Patterns

Tiara patterns again...have fun!

Tiara patterns again…have fun! By carrielynnfields
feel free to use at your leisure..just make sure to post a pic so that I can compliment you on your skill :)

When making a royal icing tiara, it’s best to use a template so your finished tiara or crown is symmetrical and perfect for a princess. To help you find your favorite, here are some of the most popular tiara templates shared by Cake Central users. Which one will you use?

Tiara Patterns to use if you want to.

Tiara Patterns to use if you want to. By carrielynnfields
Someone had asked if I could post my patterns that I had designed. Here they are, use at your leisure just be sure to psot pics when you are done so I can ooohh and ahhhh.


Tiaras By Dennysse

tiara template

tiara template By Misdawn
This is the template I created for the tiara on my Princess Gracie pillow cake.

Tiara pattern

Tiara pattern By missyek
Here is the pattern that I used for my daughter’s crown, for what it is worth. Did not quite follow all the detail with mine…

Tiara template

Tiara template By tabicat21
Here is the template I used to make my tiara, as requested. enjoy.

Tiara for Princess Cupcakes

Tiara for Princess Cupcakes By ExcitedNewbie
See Princess Cupcakes in the Cupcake gallery or Excitednewbie’s photos for instructions.

Mini tiara 2

Mini tiara 2 By Dennysse

Mini tiara 1

Mini tiara 1 By Dennysse
For small cakes,cupcakes and even cookies.


Tiara By Ambar2
If anyone is up for a challange I sketch this tiara

pattern for  Princess Crown  (tiara)

pattern for Princess Crown (tiara) By subaru
I drew this in order to make the princess cake in my photos. I’ve had several requests for the pattern, so here it is. Hope you like it.

Tiara Template

Tiara Template By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
As requested, here’s my tiara template though I didn’t follow it exactly. Also, the center of the “main” heart shows a diamond shape – I was planning on doing a mold of a jewel (in gumpaste) but then figured it would be too heavy, so I left it out.

Mini tiara 3

Mini tiara 3 By Dennysse

Heart tiara pattern

Heart tiara pattern By carrielynnfields
created this for the tutorial and for Valentines Day. Hope this will help out.


Wand By Lovebug20
This wand was interpreted from spottydog’s beautiful tiara! Hope you like it!

Princess Wand

Princess Wand By Lovebug20
I am doing a cake that I am using the Tiara template made by missyek and required a wand to accompany it so I interpreted her template in a way I thought I could best make the wand. Thanks for the tiara template, it’s one of the best I think and it’s lovely. Hope the wand it ok too!

Fondant Tiara Template

Fondant Tiara Template By creationsbyME
This is the template I sketched of the Tiara I made. I did make a few changes along the way while making it. CC image

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