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My First Wedding Cake - Vintage Style

By tmalvey
I created this cake for my lovely sister Roxanna and her husband Roy. Her wedding theme was vintage, and her colors were ivory and wine. She really loved the hand-painted roses that I did on another cake, so I incorporated that into this one, but made them quite a bit larger this time. The bottom two tiers are covered in buttercream ruffles. I made the tea cup from gumpaste and then hand painted roses on it as well. I also made the other roses from gumpaste. The pearl border is fondant. The cake flavors were cookies and cream filled with cookies and cream buttercream, and then chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and ganache. This is the largest cake I’ve made to date, and I traveled with the entire cake stacked – so thank you to my husband for carrying and transporting the cake – he always makes me feel like we can do anything – such a strong, soothing and supporting person! Don’t know what I’d do without him!Thank you for looking!

A spring holiday, Mother’s Day always brings to mind bright blooms and cheerful birds in the garden. Use some of Cake Central’s most popular garden cakes for Mother’s Day inspiration, and delight the mothers in your life with stunning sugar flowers, whimsical watering cans, festive flower pot cakes and gumpaste garden scenes.

Vintage Tea Party

Vintage Tea Party By slean
all edible TFL

Flowers in a teapot

Flowers in a teapot By cakesbydanisim

Whimsical Tea Pot Cake

Whimsical Tea Pot Cake By Jazz My Cake
Everything is edible made from chocolate cakes. Teapot and cups are krispy rice treats. Whole cake is approximately 25kg.

By KO-sCakes
Frog prince first birthday cake. Hand painted top tier. Fondant crown on bottom tier, and hand made modeling chocolate cake topper

Spring Birdhouse

Spring Birdhouse By kdhjth
Buttercream cakes with fondant detail, RKT roof

Daffodil Cake

Daffodil Cake By siuingme
I made this for our 5th anniversary. Chocolate and yellow cake with swiss meringue butter cream. Flowers and butterflies from gumpaste, the other from modelling chocolate.


MÃE… By AnaRemigio
Mãe…Mother…This was a very hard cake to do…not technically… but emotionally…I tryed to put some of the beautiful things that she loved. When I started I did know what I wanted to do…but I must say that I LOVE the final result, I could look at it for hours!!! (and I did).This cake is a tribute to my mum…that for the first time in my live is not with me in Mother’s Day!!I submitted it to a local contest of Mother’s Day, I don’t know the results yet, but…I just want to keep it!!This is my first dummy cake, hope you like it!!!For more photos visit my Facebook.TFLxxx

Ivory & Pink Rose Birdcage Wedding Cake

Ivory & Pink Rose Birdcage Wedding Cake By LetsEatCake2012
Ivory & Pink Rose Birdcage Wedding Cake

By tara22
Trio of textured wedding cakes

Cestrum nocturnum (Dama de Noche) in all it’s sugar glory. Cake is buttercream, flower is gumpaste.

Garden Cake

Garden Cake By DiscoLady
Grabbed bits of inspiration from here and there on CC…thanks everyone! 8″ cake, pots are 3″ cake and cupcake to give you an idea on size. It was fun making these tiny pots of flowers, I love the mums. Everything else is fondant and handpainted (gotta order some edible markers!). I thought it was kinda busy but then I guess real gardens tend to be busy too! Thanks for looking. Constructive criticisms welcomed!

Mothers Day Cupcakes

Mothers Day Cupcakes By sjlh
These are chocolate fudge cupcakes made as a gift for my Mum who loves gardening and wildlife, but they would be good for Easter too.

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers By cocobean
6″x8″ covered in fondant. Blue flowers 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. Stand made by a local artist. (Polka-Dot Pots)

By towenby1
Summer Ruffles

Garden Critters

Garden Critters By KimAZ
I made this cake in a class with Susan Carberry. SO much fun! All fondant. Bottom tier is a basket with tulips, whimscal flowers, a bee, caterpillar and hyicynths.( on back side) Middle tier is a metal flower pot holding morning glory flowers, a cricket, spade, and giant tulip. Top tier is a watering can holding a dragon fly and butterfly with flowers and water coming out of spout. Cake board had snails,ladybug and seed bag.

Garden Birthday Cake

Garden Birthday Cake By yummy_in_my_tummy
Made this one for my MIL’s birthday. I saw a similar cake here on CC and thought it would be perfect for her since she loves gardening (sorry! I can’t remember who’s picture it was!). Everything is made from fondant or gumpaste and the dirt is crushed oreos. As for the flower, this was my first REAL sugar flower where I had to make each petal on a separate wire and then put it together. I didn’t have the cutters that I needed to be a peony or a magnolia, which is what I wanted to make, so I just cut them by hand and although it’s not a specific flower, I think it’s pretty :)

Flower pot

Flower pot By boween
Ladies 50th birthday, buttercream, fondant accents, gumpaste flowers.

House Plant Cupcakes

House Plant Cupcakes By alanajonesmann
Succulent Cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann; for more photos visit

Flower pots

Flower pots By cakelady2112

Jody's Cake

Jody’s Cake By mjs4492
6″ x 3″ and a 5″ x 2″ yellow cakes covered with ChocoPan fondant. First time using it. Roses, rosebuds and irises are gumpaste as well as the little filler flowers. Leaves are buttercream.

Flower Pot Cake

Flower Pot Cake By mrsmudrash
This cake was inspired by the amazing Cupcake Envy cake designers. I LOVE their mini cakes and especially their flower pots. This was my first flower pot and first time ever making flowers! I did the ribbon roses because it was quicker! :) I used brownies and choco ganache for the cake, then domed the top with cream cheese buttercream in order to have a base for the flowers to stick. The outside is modeling chocolate. I was happy with my first attempt! And so was my sweet friend who enjoyed it on her birthday!

Flower pot

Flower pot By leonietje1

Garden Theme Gerbera Daisy Cake

Garden Theme Gerbera Daisy Cake By CakeInfatuation
This is one of 3 cakes for a 50th Anniversary and Birthday Celebration. Clients were so thrilled I got a thank you card and a tip after the event was over.All the detail pieces are edible and made from gum paste and fondant. Little daisies on the side of the cake are made from a homemade mold.

Begonia Bouquet for Mother's Day

Begonia Bouquet for Mother’s Day By motowifey
Mini cupcake begonia bouquet for my mom for Mother’s Day. She loved it! Instructions from the Culinary Institute of America youtube tutorial.

My Fantasy Garden

My Fantasy Garden By MissLisa
I entered this cake into the Michigan Sugar Art Showcase Competition March 20-21, 2010. Having never competited before I had no expectations of winning so I was SHOCKED when I won 1st Place in the Advanced Professional Division for tiered cakes, Best of Division, Decorator’s Choice and Best of Show. It was an overwhelming weekend!

Garden Retirement Cake

Garden Retirement Cake By wenlu4
Made this retirement cake for a lady that likes gardening and her favorite flowers are Geraniums and Marigolds. The cake and flower pot are all carrot cake. I used fondant and gumpaste to make the flowers.

Spring Flower Pots

Spring Flower Pots By Toniprev
3 coffee flavoured mudcakes. All fondant decorations.

Sweet dogwoods

Sweet dogwoods By tonedna
Fondant finish. Gumpaste dogwood flowers. Fantasy leaves. Handpainted in luster dust.Gold fabric ribbon detailed with rhinestone pins. Flower pot made of gumpaste..Hope you enjoy.. Thanks for looking!………….Edna

Peonies and orchid

Peonies and orchid By md2412
Sugarpaste flowers in a ceramic pot – thanks for looking!

Red and White flower pot cake

Red and White flower pot cake By skmaestas

Garden Party

Garden Party By boween
This is my fair entry I have been working on on and off all week. It is styrofoam. Our fair doesn’t have tooo many entries, I did this mainly for practice on covering a cake with fondant and just for plain fun. All items hand made and hand molded! Hope you enjoy I had fun making this one!

Nature's Butterfly Garden

Nature’s Butterfly Garden By ellyrae
Butterflies are done on Vellum using markers & pearl luster. Marble fondant, fondant rocks, flowers were handpainted with food tint.

K to 1st grade graduation

K to 1st grade graduation By Eight
This sprout garden has worked well for many different ideas, it’s fun and easy to do, one of my favorites.


Garden By Fairytale
This matches the first theme. Same sugar cookie, same cutter.

A Garden for a Butterfly

A Garden for a Butterfly By My_Edible_Art
Milk chocolate TRIPLE filled. Sweet cream of eggs and Apricot, Plum with dulce de Letche and Walnut strogonoff. Combination super well accepted!!

Garden Faerie Cake

Garden Faerie Cake By ohnoono
Garden Faerie Cake :) This cake is in the June 2010 issue of CakeCentral Magazine! And a fabulous magazine, it is!

Stone Urn & Peonies

Stone Urn & Peonies By WithLoveAndConfection
I designed this for the June 2010 issue of Cake Central Magazine. It was a great honor to be included in this beautiful magazine!!! The Urn is made of gingerbread, the stone work is fondant and the peonies are gumpaste.

Birdhouse Garden

Birdhouse Garden By tonedna
This cake won in the Central Florida cake competition first prize and Best in Show.Featured in the June Cake Central Magazine issue. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking! ……………….Edna :)

Flowers and Vines

Flowers and Vines By ThreeLittleBlackbirds
Floral relief style with textured vines, hydrangea flowers, flower buds and satin ribbon cover this 4 tier Wedding cake for a beautiful outdoor garden wedding.Alternating tiers of Death by Chocolate and TLB Tiramisu cakes

Garden Elegance!

Garden Elegance! By tonedna
Fondant finish…handpainted …Gumpaste pears grapes and leaves..



Watering Can

Watering Can By Rising_Flours
The flowers are gumpaste, as are the details on the can-with a dowel to support the spout. Airbrushed in silver and bronze and brown, and then added some brown petal dust to add to that rusty type of feeling.

Garden Party

Garden Party By Rising_Flours
The archway and table and chairs are made from royal icing. The pond is poured blue sugar, with little orange and white coy floating within. The rest of the decor is a combination of royal icing and fondant.

peter rabbit garden

peter rabbit garden By peterrabbit

Garden Party Birthday Cake

Garden Party Birthday Cake By mrsmudrash
I did this for a friend of mine who’s daughter is turning 3. It’s chocolate cake with vanilla ganache filling. Fondant and modeling chocolate decorations. The birdhouse is RTC covered in fondant with gumtex and modeling chocolate. It was a fun cake to make/design!! TFL

Spring Birdhouse

Spring Birdhouse By elvis
These are 9″/6″ buttercream-frosted tiers, with fondant and gum paste accents. Birdhouse and bow are gum paste–Thanks for looking!


Birdhouse By Bien

Birdhouse cake

Birdhouse cake By summerki
This was a cake for my sweet friend Jillian’s 30th birthday. The house is RKT molded in a small takeout container with modeling chocolate siding and roof. The bird, flowers and swirl are gumpaste. The cake was white chocolate with SMBC

Grandma's Birdhouse Cake

Grandma’s Birdhouse Cake By Kaakjiish
This is the first square cake I’ve ever done. I made it for my grandmother’s birthday and I used some new tools for the first time and overall I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s a 6″ cake dummy on top of an 8″ red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I covered and decorated it with fondant. Hope you like it! :)

Birdhouse Birthday

Birdhouse Birthday By StuckOnTheFarm
8″ and 4″ round birdhouse cake for a dear friend. Alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla with chocolate ganache filling.

Birdhouse cake

Birdhouse cake By cipelica

Lace Birdhous

Lace Birdhous By Branka2008

Betty's Birdhouse Birthday Cake

Betty’s Birdhouse Birthday Cake By JudiMoore
6 inch Four layer cake – Two top layers Sugar Reduced with sugar reduced icing then two layers of chocolate cake. The bottom layer is inset in an 8 inch chocolate cake. Marzipan is used for the roof. The color variation in the sugar reduced frosting and regular was hidden by the almonds. One dowel down the middle held it in place.

Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose By bzzzybumblebee
This Rainbow Rose cake is enough to brighten anyone’s day. This was made for a lovely lady that loves rainbows and roses….. so to put the two together, is a perfect combination for her. The cake inside is a rainbow coloured mud cake.

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WOW - what a great looking collection of cakes! Thanks so much for including mine! Such an honor to be featured on your site and amongst this incredibly talented group! Thank you!! - Alana

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