Teapot cake & cookies

Teapot cake & cookies By niceicing


Mother’s Day tea parties are a popular tradition, and naturally tea-inspired treats are the best desserts to serve! We’ve collected some of the best cake, cupcakes and cookies to help you plan the perfect Mother’s Day surprise.

Sesame Street Topsy Turvy

By rava
I finally had the opportunity to make my first topsy turvy cake. Such fun! 12″, 9″, 6″ tiers with RKT teapot on top. Gumpaste Elmo and Abby Cadabby.

40th Birthday

By olgaCake
So, what kind of cake do you make for someone who is a Twilight fanatic, and decides to have a formal tea party for their 40th birthday? That’s what my friend challenged us with. Well, after a lot of thought, I think we came up with the perfect combination to appease both the classical and darker sides of Joy.Happy Birthday Joy, this cake, like you is one of a kind…or is it two…. The Teapot is styrofoam, wall and base are wood, everything else is fondant, modeling chocolate, and cake.

Spring Teapot

By Fantasticakes
My last creation for the italian magazine Cucina Chic Cake Design, n.6 (aprile)

Vintage tea

By niceicing
Cupcakes and sugar teapot cake for a vintage style wedding

50th Birthday Cake

By olgaCake
Order for the client’s friend’s mom’s 50th birthday. Vanilla cake with buttercream filling. Teapot and tray set made completely of cake. The cup, saucer, spoon and flowers are all from gumpaste. The little bow for flowers is sugarveil.

Veronica's Tea Cottage

By WithLoveAndConfection
I won runner up in the 2000 Goodhousekeeping Magazine Gingerbread House Contest!

would you like a cup of tea?

By kwebbeltje
made this one at a workshop by Bianca Jenema in the Netherlands. love making this one. the teapot is a cake all the rest is fondant…

has anyone got a tissue?

By kwebbeltje
cause I spilled something here ;) all fondant and cake. (teapot is filled with styrofoam. sorry about that, but it is only 10 cm small in height )

Tinkerbell Cottage Birthday Cake

By andi_cakes
This is a cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. This cake consists of 12″ and 8″ rounds… the cake is a strawberry/blueberry cake with cream cheese buttercream and vanilla fondant. I carved the Teapot Cottage from rice kripsy treats and covered it with fondant. All the details are fondant as well. My flowers are all made from gumpaste. The only non-edible is Tinkerbell herself. Thanks for looking!!

Teapot and teacup

By Mazycat
This was made for a 60th birthday, the teapot and teacup are both chocolate mud cake decorated with fondant.. The handles, spout, and saucer are made of gumpaste..

Teapot Rose Cake.

By misobakes
Teapot Rose Cake done for a fun tea party photoshoot! It took me about three days to make everything (MMF, drying the spout and handle, cake, buttercream, etc.).On the spout and handle are brown… stems(?). Well….. squiggly stuff as I like to call it! lol. I will post better pictures of the cake once the photos are available! The last petal to the left had a tear, so I was sad. Actually I’m still sad. :”(

leaf teapot cake

By dynee
I made this cake just to see if I could do it. It is a yellow butter cake with Easy Marshmallow Fondant and Pettinice for the leaves and handle and Amaretto Buttercream filling. I wanted more cups, but I forgot to make the lid handle and had to use a cup foot for that.

I'm a Little Teapot

By BusyBeeBaker
This is the cake that i created in the Balance Cake Class with Kaysie Lackie……take the class as it awesome!!!!


By anastasien
I wasn’t very happy with how this cake turned out. Everything is edible, and the flowers and butterflies are hand made.

tea set

By Berniebeaver
This cake was made for a grandmother.The teapot is lemon cake as well as the small round cake .All other decorations are a mxture of fondant & gumpaste. All100% edible

Kitchen Tea Cake

By Anita8

Anjo's forest tea party cake

By mizzbar
Fondant tea set toppers with extended tier tree stump cake covered in fondant.

Animal print tea set

By DianeLM
Hand molded tea set on fondant tablecloth. Display cake for Grapevine ICES convention

Garden Teapot Cake

By PinkLisa
How lovely this teapot cake will look at the garden tea party! The “teapot” is made of cake and has sugar flowers bursting out of it’s top. The lid sits beside it along with a stray sugar daisy. The teapot sits atop a “table” made of red velvet cake. Two little sugar lady bugs are visiting this sweet garden setting.

Tea Set with Edible Tea Cups & Teabag

By DStauch
Inspired by Tea For Me Too tea set from Rosanna Inc. Covered in fondant. Hand cut eyelet lace from frosting sheets. Teacups from ice cream cones covered in RI. Chocolate scalloped plates. Edible teabag from wafer/rice paper filled with brown sugar crystal “tea” with “string” and envelope cut from frosting sheet. “Tea” is tinted piping gel. Watercolor images printed on frosting sheets with permission of Rosanna Inc. then hand cut to size. Teacup tutorial available.

The Picket Fence

By pidge
I am SO glad that you can see the tea set, tree, and picket fence all in this picture!! The new “terms” are a little scary! Well, here is the back and probably my favorite side of this cake! The picket fence was worth every minute of frustration that the silver balls gave me! I was so afraid the judges wouldn’t see it! And the little tea set was SO much fun!! =) … Fondant and gumpaste

Tea set

By gwndanielle
Today I’ve made this tea set. The teapot is a cake, the cup and dish are made with only fondant.

a tea set

By carlaa
I make this tea set from fondant,nice to make

Tea Party

By Manna4
This is the final pic of the series of tea party / baby shower. Bottom tier was chocolate cake with hazelnut cream; top was white with rose-petal cream. Tea Pot and Cup were chocolate, the baby was GP, the rest was fondant. It was a lot of fun to make. The party was incredible with everything very well coodinated. My friend (the Momma), loved the cake!

Baby shower cake for twins girls

By Suelar
Tea party

Tea Party Cake

By Jennzoe333
Everything is edible. Bottom cake is made of 2 8″ rounds and a 7″ round in the middle to give it a tapered shape. Tea pot cake is made from the Wilton ball pan mold. The tea cups are all gum paste that I molded in a martini glass. The letters are funky letter tapits. The roses, tulips, leaves and baby’s breath are all gum paste. Buttons and fabric doilies are all gum paste as well.

mother's day cake

By freubelmuisje
This is a cake I made for my first book. As I am almost ready with my second book I thought It would be nice to share some of the cakes from the first book.

Mother's Day

By CupcakesUnderCover
I made this as a practice cake for an upcoming wedding cake (my first), and it doubled as a Mother’s day gift for my Mom. I’m so in love with yellow now. =)

Mothers day cupcakes

By mayo4
vintage cupcakes made for Mothers Day

Hummingbird Planter Cake

By cakefella
Mother’s Day chocolate & peanut butter ‘planter’ cake. Rice Krispie hummingbird with edible paper wings, gumpaste flowers & wood, and Oreo crumb soil.


By DonnaOK
I had a bride get married and she wanted a small cake for her mother’s birthday that was on her wedding day. I iced this in buttercream and then stenciled the pattern on with dust.

By PriyaMaclure
I love simple cakes….and this one with a rough butter cream finish just breaths life into the gumpaste flowers. The Cake: top and bottom tiers both had 4 Ombre shades of pink butter cake layered and iced with French vanilla Swiss butter cream. Handmade gumpaste peonies, leaves and berries.

Tea Pot

By zoey2jack
This was done for a friend who was throwing a tea party for a little girl in her family. Everything on the cake is edible and was handmade. This tea party was over the top. If you think the cake is good, you should check out the decorations she made. More pics are on my wesite: www.southerncottagecakery.com

Tea Pot Birthday

By pattycakeNY
This started out to be a very basic and simple birthday cake and grew to become one of my best creations at the time. Covered with fondant. Spout and handle made of sugar paste. I have an antique teapot with the rose design so I hand painted the cake with the same design.

tea pot and hat hox

By shelly-101
cake for a surprise 60th birthday all edible. the teapot is made using the Wilton sports ball pan and a jumbo cupcake very little carving only the top of the ball cut flat so the cupcake fit flat on top. all fondant thanks for looking

Mother's Day Cake

By natalka
Cake is 8″ Strawberry & Kiwi cake.The tea pot set was done out of gum paste and decorated with fondant flowers, luster dust and gold trim.This is the first time I have ever attempted to do such a thing. It was challenging but yet so much fun to do.I made it for my friends mom. I hope she likes it.Thank you all for looking at my cake!!!!!

Topsy Turvey Tea cup cake

By Cakegirl313
Tea pot, tea cup, topsy turvey, mad hatter, alice in wonderland, stacked cake, wackey cake

Tea Pot Fairy House

By Kyriaki
Chocolate Cookie Cake. Dark chocolate ganache. Fondant covered.

Fairy Tea Party

By JillQB
Log with fairies having a tea party. Fairies and pot and log all edible. Another fairy with a little fireplace inside the log. Light flickered from the fire for a nice element.

Tea Set Cake

By hvanaalst
Tea pot, cups, cream and sugar for a 5 year old’s birthday. My second attempt at a tea set and I love to do them.

Tea Time

By Sana136
The question I get the most about this is, How small is that?The tea pot sits on top of a standard size cupcake.

Teapot Birthday Cake

By sugarsugargal
The brief was a birthday cake for a lady having a (70th) ‘Seven-Tea’ party, complete with 1940′s vintage tea ware…..well, when I suggested a 1940′s Tea Pot cake, that was met with a welcome reception………..however, I was told that the recipients favourite colours were hot pink and black….not exactly conducive to a chintzy teapot, so after much head scratching, i came up with a pretty good comprimise, a replica of a genuine 1940′s JAPANESE Teapot, the design was originally in blue so I replaced the blue with pink, and voila………….. :)

Tea pot with tea cup

By mickey35
This was a teapot cake decorating class with Ruthy in Ft. Lauderdale. I had to leave the class early and finish the rest at home. I’m not sure if I did her justice because she is an amazing cake decorator. It’s a cake dummy covered in fondant with fondant accents. Thanks for looking.

Tinkerbell cake

By partakeofcake
2 Tier cake, garden theme on base tier Tinkerbell’s tea pot house on top tier-all cake except for tree which was PVC tube covered in sugarpaste.

teapot and cupcake teacups

By blueirus
My mom hand painted the tea pot and we got the cupcake idea from here. Thanks CC!

My Daughters Birthday Cakes

By Ginger08
These are for her Tea Party tomorrow for her Birthday. Boy am I glad they werent for a Bride or I would have been crying! These little buggers are difficult to do!!!! I made up some whimsical decorations about a week ago in spring green and bright pink and stuck them on, along with some silver dusted hearts I had made also. The bottom is suppose to look like a tea pot, and I dont know what the top is as I just winged it! As long as she likes them, but I pity the Bride who comes looking for a price quote!HA

Vintage Tea Party

By slean
all edible TFL

Tea Party

By Tania Maroco
Three little mouses crashes a Tea Party…They had a lot of fun and made a huge mess!

Hangging Tea Pot cake

By onetanamera
Teapot cakeDefying Gravity cake

Secret Garden Tea Party Cake

By txcakemaker01
Fun cake made for a sweet little birthday girl. Her mom wanted the theme to be Secret Garden Tea Party and then left it up to me. This is what I came up with. My first time making a sugar teacup. SO MUCH fun! Learned a lot and excited to give it a go again in the future. Thanks for looking.

By WyoMom2b
Teacup, saucer, doily and roses are all gum paste. Cake is 100% edible.

Gravity tea Pot with Sugar pot and cup cake

By paradisecakes1
I love my creation I make the cake for a Tea party

By alissweettooth
Tea cookies for a tea party

carved tea pot

By kyliecake
this teapot is based on my friend’s real teapot. It posed lots of challenges but i think she will be happy.


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