Top Buttercream Cakes


Buttercream cake airbrushed with pearl dust. Gumpaste flowers are painted in silver. Go Buttercream!

Buttercream is one of the tastiest decorating mediums, but it can also be one of the most challenging mediums to get creative with. It’s easy to fall back on simple, traditional looks, but the classic frosting is capable of so much more! To inspire you, here are some of the top buttercream cakes.


Rosette wedding cake with bunting birds topper! By DonnaOK
I love doing the rosette wedding cake….as it is such a pretty statement on any table. This bride had a dessert table, and had this as the centerpiece. Hand piped buttercream rosettes with a sweet topper! It fit her vintage rustic theme perfectly!


Autumn Aubergine By ThreeLittleBlackbirds
This Fall wedding cake was designed to match the invitation with a mix of 2D and 3D elements. All 4 tiers finished in smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream and accented with fondant pieces, edible hand painted pieces and sugar peonies in 5 different shades of purple.Flavors were Triple Berry Vanilla (which has a natural lavender/mauve color and matched the wedding colors), Lovely Lemon (with lemon curd meringue buttercream), and Death by Chocolate Cake with chocolate creme anglaise buttercream.


Buttercream draped six tier wedding cake By ramacake
All buttercream icing with hundreds of buttercream roses between tiers. Crystal swans on top. This cake was approx. 7ft tall.


I Dream of Blackberry By ThreeLittleBlackbirds
This certainly isn’t a new idea (buttercream rose swirls), but I still thought it came out really dreamy and I just loved the natural color. Two tier Swiss Meringue Buttercream cake. The lovely soft lavender color is from the organic blackberry puree (no artificial colors!)


Yellow and Grey Chevron Cake By cambo
6-8-10-12-14 buttercream tiers with thin fondant “pencil” border and fondant chevrons; fresh hydrangea sprayed yellow (stems wrapped and inserted in bubble tea straw for safety)


Birthday/Mother’s Day Cake By teaparty
My friend’s hubby ordered this cake for her birthday which happens to fall close to Mother’s Day, so this cake is doing double duty.I had wanted to try out a buttercream technique that I had seen on and I was also shooting for an ombre look to the tiers. The hydrangea and lilacs are flowers I made while taking Jacqueline Butler’s online flower course. As you can see by the number of pics I’m posting, I’m really proud of the flowers. :)


Ruffle Cake By mrsmudrash
Not an original design, but I needed something quick for my daughter’s teacher’s birthday! I added the magnolia looking flower with my ruffle flower center. She loved it…her favorite color was the purple-periwinkle color. The ruffles were SMBC. The cake is 6″ round and about 5″ tall. TFL.


Burgundy Vergerated Cake By MelissaRHK
Burgundy to Cream Vergerated Cake — iced in buttercream and decorated reversing the colors….


Mexican Wedding Cake By WickedGoodies
Fiesta cake for a Mexican themed wedding. Finished with piped buttercream and modeling chocolate carnations. Created by Wicked Goodies


Father’s Day lawn mower cake. By cakefella
Fresh strawberry cake with fondant & buttercream grass, gumpaste lawn mower & fence, fondant cardinal & rocks, with Oreo crumb soil.


Ridge buttercream cake with large peach rose By Cupcakesplus
Very simple cake to make but love the effect. Great for those who don’t like fondant icing! xx


Caterpillar cake By bakermamacakes
Buttercream cake with piped ‘grass’, royal icing flowers to match the embroidery on the birthday girl’s dress, and a gum paste caterpillar modeled after her favorite toy :)


Buttercream Fan Wedding Cake By lorieleann
Four tiers 6/8/11/14 finished in SMBC. (design seen in Martha Stewart Weddings)


Hand cut love tree By yulichka
Buttercream cake with marzipan hand cut decoration.


Secret Garden for CC Magazine By AmayasMommy
I was completely honored to be asked to make a cake to be considered for CC Magazine. I can still hardly believe it! It was such a fun experience. The them for this cake was Secret Garden Wedding and requirements were that all tiers have a buttercream covering and at least one icing technique. I wanted to show more than that, so I did one per tier.On the bottom tier I used a leaf tip and very fluffy whipped buttercream icing. I added on some fondant clovers and grass shards. The second tier up I wanted to mimic the textures on the statue in the inspiration photos. I used bunched up damp paper towel and plastic wrap to achieve that effect then added on some pink petals to bring in the tones from the turnip. The third tier up I decided to do brushed embroidery with buttercream icing. I added in some pink, pearls and a few fondant flowers. The top tier I did rosettes and added a pearl in the center of each. I completed the cake with a fondant bow/brooch.I used real cake for this instead of cake dummies. I kept it on my counter for a day after the photos were taken before I donated it to my Grams nursing home lol. I wanted to be able to stare at it longer, but it is cake and I wanted it to be enjoyed. I hope you all enjoy the cake as much as I did making it. <3(I saw a tutorial on pinterest awhile back on how to make clover earrings out of clay, so I tried it out with fondant instead. For brushed embroidery, I watched an amazing video by SweetAmbs. She uses royal icing but I used buttercream and a wet paintbrush. For the bow I used the bow tutorial from Royal Bakery and the brooch mold I purchased from Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen.)

Dr. Seuss Birthday By SweetPea0613Four tier topsy turvy Dr. Seuss themed cake. Bottom three tiers are buttercream and hat is fondant. This has to be one of my favorite cakes that I've made! I love it so much!

Dr. Seuss Birthday By SweetPea0613
Four tier topsy turvy Dr. Seuss themed cake. Bottom three tiers are buttercream and hat is fondant. This has to be one of my favorite cakes that I’ve made! I love it so much!

Buttercream Floral cupcakes  By Maria18

Buttercream Floral cupcakes By Maria18


Buttercream Ruffle Wedding Cake By cupadeecakes
A bride recently brought in a picture from the Pastry Studio and wanted a cake that looked similar, but with little to no fondant. I spent a little while figuring out how to make those buttercream ruffles, but in the end I was very happy with the effect.

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Andi Satterlund~~PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE see if you can get a tutorial for the unbelievably awesome buttercream drapes on ramacake's 7 layer wedding cake. 3 years into this fascinating hobby and I cannot figure out how she did that!


You just use the end of a regular piping bag without a tipand pipe lines on the thickness you want & mark your lines, smooth the edges of the lines, let dry and then paper towel gently to not smash the lines you put but focus more on the definition

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