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A Tangled Night By dangirl
A Birthday cake for a little girl who Loves Tangled!

Escape into fairy tale daydreams with some of the most popular Tangled cakes from the gallery.


“Tangled” Tower Birthday Cake By Bizzers
5th birthday cake for my daughter with the tower from the movie “Tangled” and a plastic Rapunzel figurine. She was thrilled–absolutely loved it! Thanks for looking.


Disney’s Tangled Tower Cake By jescos
I made this for my nieces 5th B-day. The tower is rice crispy treats, and upper part of ice cream cone where the tower and housing meet. Used fondant and gum paste on tower all windows and decor held together with royal icing, Cake was strawberry with strawberry icing covered in fondant.


Tangled By stevinix
Cake inspired by my favorite scene from Disney’s Tangeled where she gets her hair all braided up in flowers.


Tangled cake By CakeMadam
I made this for my biggest fan! She drove over 3 hours just to get it!!! Happy Birthday Miss Ava Parker! Love you Tammy!!!!This was the first time I got to use my cobblestone pressmat! LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!


Tangled Tower By stephaniejoy
This is a cake I created for a friend of mine’s friend’s daughter. She loved the Disney movie Tangled, and I was really inspired by the beautiful tower that she was kept in. This is the most detailed and time consuming cake I’ve done so far. The cake is supported by metal pipe on a heavy wooden base, connected with flanges. The pipe is covered in cereal treats, then covered in modeling chocolate. The cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting, wrapped in fondant. The roof is molded cereal treats covered in fondant. I stamped out hundreds of tiny tiles out of fondant, and most of the decorations are a fondant/gum paste mixture. I then painted it all with edible paints and added greenery with colored icing. This cake was super challenging, and I’m so glad it’s finished!


Tangled Cake By SweetBeas
Tangled cake I made for a 6 yr old fan of the movie. All tiers made of vanilla cake and filled with vanilla filling. Roof made of fondant covered crispy treats. Had a great time making this cake.


Maximus from “Tangled” By Danielle111
Whew! This one is finally done! Where to begin? Ok, it is completely edible aside from the 3/8″ head-shaped cutout to support the head. I used ganache, buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate, gumpaste, royal icing and RKT for this one (what *didn’t* I use!) :) This was a lot of fun to make, but also a lot of work! TFL!


Tangled Cake By MixedBlessings
This is a cake I did for a 3 year old. It’s based on the movie Tangled. It’s built on a wooden board with a PVC pipe up the center. The entire top building portion RKT covered in royal icing and fondant. The bottom grass is fondant “sponged” with royal icing to get the grass effect. Hope you enjoy!


Tangled By PennieK
The tower is made from a combination of RKT, a 4″ cake, and one of the towers from the wilton castle set.


Tangled By kgonzalez
Tangled cake, tower is made of rice krispies, decorated al in fondant.


Tangled Rapunzel Cake By briancrys1
Made this for my daughters 4th birthday.


Tangled By BillieH
Tangled cake I made for my daughters 4th birthday. Flowers represent the magical flower from the movie. I dusted them with pearl dust to give them a magical sparkle, although my camera was unable to capture it. The bottom is chocolate cake – I used Wiltons Dancing Daisy flower pan. Middle is RKT’s. Top is 6″ round strawberry cake. The pointy thinks are ice cream cones. I hand cut all the details out of fondant. Hand painted door. Little flowers are all piped little star flowers. Toys I purchased from the Disney Store. A central dowel rod goes through the entire cake, and attached to the base. I had originally made the center out of cake, but had to re-do it all changing it to RKT due to stability issues. I was unable to add as much detail as I would have liked due to time lost from the stability issues.


Rapunzel in her Tower By robbie33
This was a last mintue switch of themes from Dora to Rapuzel. One cake was already baked so I came up with the plan to put the 6″ on bottom and 8″ on top. I am happy with how it turned out. Roof is rice crispie treat and characters are gumpaste.


Tangled /Rapunzel cake By apieceofcake-dolores
tower made out of RKT and sugar cone covered in fondant


Pascal The Chameleon By mrsvb78
I made these for a little girl who loves tangled and LOVES Pascal the chameleon. I am making a tutorial which will be available to buy on my FB group by Friday step by step how to make Pascal and flowers and decorate the cupcakes: Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes


Pascal from Tangled By MaryBurroughs
I made this cake for the 2012 Iowa State Fair. The “cake” is rice krispies and the outside is green modeling chocolate.


Pascal By Shayesmomma
Pascal from Tangled cake done for Kolbi, my most loyal customer who turned 7 this year! My husband used his new welder to construct a frame for this one so Pascal didn’t have to be lying down (I’m so blessed to have a husband who enjoys my hobby nearly as much as I do!). Pascal’s body is Chocolate Cavity Maker with Marion berry filling and head and tail are RKT and Candy Clay – both covered in fondant and airbrushed; side bday cake also covered in fondant, fondant details. Mini cupcakes dipped in Candy Melts and then covered in Candy clay imprinted with design that mimicked the feel of the movie.Two things on this cake that bothered me and probably will forever…. First, I did not emboss the fondant I used to cover the body thinking I could do it once it was on the cake – bad idea – so the head and tail have a nice scaly appearance and the body doesn’t! Second, my original design included a tail that was color shifting to match the bday cake (he’s a chameleon after all)…. I just ran out of time. Had I known that would happen, I’d have curled the tail in that adorable Pascal fashion! If anyone else wants to use that idea, I’d love to see the results!!!


Tangled Pascal By LisaPeps


Tangled Lantern Scene By susieqhomemaker
Pink Vanilla Cake with airbrushed Vanilla BC. Lanterns have a battery powered tea light that flickers. Toy boat and dolls.


Lantern From the Movie Tangled By Edithbunny
I made this Lantern from the movie Tangled for a friends Daughter who was turning 7.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair… By amyvanderhaag
This is a 2 foot tall cake for a very special girl who loves the movie Tangled. The bottom cakes were 8″ and 12″ flower pans. The tower is made out of four 4″ x 4″ round cake pans, dowels, plastic cake plates, part of a Styrofoam cup, RKT, and a Rapunzel doll from the movie Tangled. All cakes were coated in Sugar Shacks Buttercream and covered in Fondx Fondant. Thanks for looking!!!


Rapunzel’s Tower By Zamode
It’s 35″ from top to bottom. The base of the tower is a cardboard poster tube, the bottom and middle sections of the upper part are styrofoam, foamcore and a cardboard cone, tapered for some shape with Rice Krispie treats. Decorated with GP/MMF


Tangled-themed Cake By KC Cakes
I spent 72+ hours on this cake I did for Icing Smiles. Running on 2 hours of sleep, I was gently reminded that it was all worth it when I saw the little 8 year old girl battling cancer smile when she saw her birthday cake. :)


Tangled By ddaigle
A customer brought in a picture of this cake for me to “copy”. I see they found it here on CC. Thanks to “wondermomx4″ for her idea! This is a 6/8 buttercream cake. Hair is just rolled out fondant wrapped around each layer, painted with luster dust.


Tangled princess tower birthday cake By cupcakelouise
My daughters were Tangled mad last year so I made them this…..its not quite the tower in the film but a tower fit for a princess none the less…..


Raspunzel By Chary51
12″ round cake with Raspunzel’s face


Tangled Cake By KrazyKakesNJ


Rapunzel Tangled By Maria925
10/8 cakes and RKT tower. Iced in BC with all MMF decorations!


Rapunzel Cake By tjkern1
Made this for a dear friend’s daughter. Castle is rice krispie treats covered in fondant “stones”. Figures were provided by mom.


Tangled By Linda2010
The top of the tower is an empty can of gumpaste covered with fondant. it was handpainted in some details, the the vines are royal icing, the flowers and other details are made in fondant. The middle tier is a is a pound cake with blueberries and chocolate ganache filling covered with fondant. Some details are piped with RI, the details in the front of the torso, were made using the cricut cake machine and then painted with gold luster dust.. The bottom tier was made in German chocolate with ganache filling. It was airbrushed in blue,teal and green. The trees were done with RI the “water around the cake is piping gel tinted in blue and the rest of the base is ground graham cookies-


Tangled Cake By sarahkate80
Made for my daughter’s 8th birthday. TFL


Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Cake By SweetTater
For my daughter’s 4th birthday. I originally wanted to make a tower cake but when I showed my daughter some pictures of them, she didn’t seem too excited. For her it was all about Rapunzel and her HAIR! Everything is made from gumpaste and/or fondant. I made Rapunzel & Pascal by cutting out little pattern pieces from a picture and laying them on top of each other. Rapunzel’s hair is dusted with aztec gold luster dust, hard to see in the picture, but it is very shimmery. Thanks for looking! This has been a true labor of love for my sweet Paige.


Tangled Rapunzel Cake By mfruchey
I made this cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday. The head and bodice are hand-scultpted fondant/gumpaste blend, the dress is cake, and, then, of course, cake below. The bottom tier was painted to resemble the artwork Rapunzel painted inside her tower. I also decorated the tier with a brick portion to represent the tower wall (sort of like you were seeing part inside/part outside of the tower). Other touches include a tiny Pascal on Rapunzel’s shoulder, and Rapunzel herself is holding a palette and brush. This cake was a blast to make, and my daughter was very pleased! :)


Tangled Tower By artsycakes14
This is the tower from the movie Tangled. I carved the top our of styrofoam because the client had to move it a few times. It was a very fun cake to do. Thanks for looking :)


Tangled Cake with Pascal the Chameleon By AngelFood4
6 and 8 inch round cakes covered and decorated in MMF.


Tangled By lourdes62


Rapunzel’s Tower from Tangled By TrulyScrumptiousDesserts
Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes with Strawberry filling, decorated to look like Rapunzel’s Tower from the movie Tangled. Royal icing details, buttercream frosting.


tangled By scobymonica


Tangled/Rapunzel Tower By Roselynn


Tangled By kdhjth
10″ base, 3 layers of 6″ to form house, inverted sugar cones as turrets, TFL!


Repunzel, Let Down Your Hair By CiNoRiLittle Miss Isabella had an extra special guest at her recent 4th birthday party, Princess Repunzel, herself! What a better way to celebrate this “Tangled” themed party than to have the tower in cake! The tower stood over 3 feet tall, and was accented with white chocolate details!Cake: Marbled Vanilla Bean & Triple Chocolate Fudge,Filling & Frosting: Vanilla Bean Buttercream


Rapunzel By sweet-delightsRapunzel in Tangled


Rapunzel frm Tangled By Dalaynea


Tangled Birthday Cake By dnetFondant decorations on buttercream icing. The sides of the cake look like the stone walls of a castle, and the top is the window with Rapunzel looking out!


Tangled Theme By kelloTwo heart shaped cakes with Tangled characters made of fondant. “6″ is covered in gold disco dust.


Rapunzel By sebrinaMom wanted the little doll with all of that fake hair on top of the cake. (YUCK!) TFL!


Tangled Tower and cupcake tower By alcidiaTangled themed cupcake tower . Tower made of rice krispies covered in mmf. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.


Lizard from the Tangle movie By skmaestasThis lizard was made for a Tangle themes birthday party.


Tangled Cake By nikdhjThe birthday girl wanted her favourite scene from the movie Tangled.


Rapunzel’s Tower Cake (Tangled) By shawnascakes


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