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This inspiration challenge is all about subtle glamour, perfect for a sophisticated bachelorette party. We can’t wait to see what you create with a palette of rose gold, cream and plum, not to mention a host of lush textures to make a classic yet edgy cupcake. To enter the Inspiration Challenge, create elegant cupcakes based on the colors and imagery found on this Pinterest board, and simply add photos of them to Cake Central’s gallery under the Inspiration Challenge category in the Cupcake Challenge 7 album.

The Cake Central magazine editors will look through all of the entries and pick one winner to be featured in the magazine. One entry per person. Entries must be submitted by April 14. Check back April 16 to see the winner!


LauraNolan Says... 2013-04-06 10:13:00 it a collection we can do and submit as one entry?

AndiSatt Says... 2013-04-08 09:14:21

You're welcome to make a collection of cupcakes, but they need to be uploaded as one photo set, and they will be judged all together as one entry.

miebelle Says... 2013-04-08 21:16:45

Are you able to use other accent colors or do you have to keep to the specific colors identified?

shakar Says... 2013-04-09 12:35:36

Hi! Where will the winner be announced? On this page?

AndiSatt Says... 2013-04-10 17:12:57

The winner will be announced in another post on the Cake Central blog.

AndiSatt Says... 2013-04-10 17:14:43

You're welcome to use other colors if you think that will help best achieve the look of the mood board. There aren't very strict rules for this contest.

Alissweettooth Says... 2013-04-11 09:29:15

I am fairly new to this and can't seem to find the album. Would you linking me? Thank you so much.

Lameez Says... 2013-04-15 07:39:44

Where do I load them?

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