Sketch to Cake: Gonzuela Bastarache's Ombre Cakes


Kupkake Tree

Gonzuela Bastarache made not one but two cakes for Issue 4 of Volume 4 of Cake Central Magazine, and she shared with us her beautiful sketches for both. Here’s what she said about all of the work that went into the cakes.

Kupkake Tree
Kupkake Tree

“I created two different cakes for this set. The first was a more traditional style with five tiers, which were airbrushed with red and blue edible food color and adorned with handmade gumpaste flowers. The tiers were trimmed with hand cut fondant lace to really make the airbrush colour stand out. The second cake was a 3-D cake that was sculpted to look like a formal ball gown. The bottom was airbrushed with blue edible food colouring that I shaded into a gradient. I put a few small flowers and dragees to add details to the dress. I wrapped floral wire around dowels to create the wire detailing on the rice cereal bodice. The fondant was draped and folded to look like fabric. The inside of the cake was also in sync with the ombre theme! I baked six different cakes from dark blue to light and from red to pink and stacked them to mimic the outside gradient feel. I then carved the cakes into the skirt shape.” – Gonzuela Bastarache

Kupkake Tree



Gonzuela runs Kupkake Tree in Moncton, New Brunswick, CA. You can see more photos of her cakes in the latest issue of Cake Central Magazine.


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