Eye-Catching Easter Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes


Easter cake By lomfise

The Easter bunny likes to hide his sweet treats, but we couldn’t keep these Spring floral cakes, Easter egg cookies or Easter bunny cupcakes hidden from you! Here are some of the most popular Easter cakes from the gallery

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Springtime By awsusMade this for my mum as it was mothers day recently here in the UK. It’s fruitcake covered with marzipan, fondant, and sugardough daffodils.



Easter Cake By bmote1This is my take on the Debbie Brown tree stump. I made it into an Easter cake by adding lots of little tiny easter eggs all around the cake. I also put in an easter lamb! I also added a little fairy!



Easter Egg Chick By MGThanks to maraschino for this great idea. White cake, chocolate bavariancream filling, covered in fondant.



Bunny carrot cake By LoaliI made this funny bunny carrot cake with inspiration from many others here on Cake Central!It’s -ofcourse- carrot cake (8 inch) inside.Soil is dark chocolate cake finely grated in a blender.



Easter Cake Toppers By Lyndseyb52I made these as Easter Cake Toppers to start with from fondant. Then I made them with a cadburys creme egg underneath and wrapped them in cellophane and curly ribbon.. I sold lots of them at the school fete, the children loved them.



By TheSweetestTiers 



Easter Egg with roses and gingko By taartendecoYellow and red roses, gingko white egg with ribbon



Easter Bunny By marybens 



Easter cake pops By LittlehCakes 



By marybensShabby Chic Easter Cookies with hand painted details.



By toskanaloeweEaster cookies, rabit Mould and Icing



By LePastryDivaVintage Royal Icing Lace Easter Basket



Easter cupcakes By LuisaMariaChocolate cupcake covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant.



By rebeccascakesEaster cake pops.



By LePastryDivaFrilled Easter egg Cookie



Easter Bunnies By sayerslthese little bunnies have eggs to give, problem is one could not resist the temptation, and in his efforts to conceal the evidence has over indulged. :)



stained glass cookies By Corrie76More stained glass-Like the Easter cross, these are NFSC topped with MMF. I changed up the glaze-paint and decided if I added a teaspoon of cornstarch to the mix that it would help the loooong drying time…and it worked (from 24-30 hrs drying time down to just 10hrs) but the glaze dried with more of a matte finnish and I liked it better shiney (like the Easter cross) Here’s the recipe for the simple glaze: 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 cup water, 1TB cornsyrup. Mix with a wisk for way longer than you ever imagined until the glaze has no lumps and is mostly clear (will be a little cloudy) This is enough glaze to paint about 500 cookies LOL I put about a TB of glaze into a watercolor palette and mixed the color in using a stiff small paintbrush- the color has to be mixed really well or else there’s little color globs floating around. And like I said earlier it’s a long drying time- if you add cornstarch it will dry quicker but will also have a less shiney, translucent result.



Bunny butts By smitakasargodBunnies digging for carrots. Easter cookies. Chocolate NFSC with white fondant.



Easter bunny By sugarshack3D Wilton pan with the ears rearranged, covered in fondant blossoms. Hope you enjoy!



Too Quackin Cute By ChrisJack1I made this cake for an Easter Party for my nephew’s class. The tier is my version of a cake that I saw on the internet.



Easter cookies By Agathy 



Vintage Floral Bunnies By marybensHand painted sugar cookie bunnies :)



Easter at chicken run By pippilotta 



Easter Bunny Cupcakes By ellawillowA mix of both chocolate and vanilla cake and vanilla Butter cream frosting. Bunny tails are made from modelling chocolate



Bunny Tree House By franjmcThis a variation of the Enchanted Tree house in my album which I made last year for an Easter fundraiser for my Daughter’s school



Planter Box Cupcake Bouquet By decareyThere are 40 total cupcakes in this arrangement. Both reg. and mini’s.



Easter Cupcakes By rouvChocolate mud cupcakes with easter theme, covered with fondant and fondant decorations with some royal icing (basket, and flowers, grass).



How many bunnies? By amandabcakesThis is a vanilla madeira cake, covered in sugarpaste – covered in lots of little bunnies, some going down holes. it was for a school fair “guess how many bunnies on the cake?” – kids loved it. one major mistake though – was a bit rushed and forgot their whiskers!!!



Easter Egg Basket By pishCake for our family Easter dinner. Design based on sugarshack’s masterpiece. Vanilla cake with chocolate whipped cream filling and chocolate BC. Handle and cloth are fondant and eggs are RKT covered with fondant. Thanks for looking!



Easter Basket By FairytaleThe “basket” is made from fondant and the flowers are gumpaste.



Easter Basket By LuluSweetArtFour tiered round cake with gumpaste flowers and white chocolate eggs.



easter basket By sugarshackeaster basket with chocolate eggs. I have a photo tutorial for this cake on my blog. TFL!



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