Dear Cake Genius, Please help….

Have a cake conundrum? An oven dilemma? A fondant failure? Never fear, the Cake Genius is here! A skilled cake-maker and experienced problem-solver, the Cake Genius is Cake Central Magazine’s very own agony aunt, ready to lend a helping hand to frustrated bakers everywhere.

Write in to the Cake Genius, asking anything you want to know about cake-baking! The Genius wants to hear all your questions, problems and curiosities.

Send your questions for a chance to have your question answered and featured in Cake Central Magazine!

We cannot respond to time-sensitive questions or give specific instructions for baking certain cakes. The Cake Genius does not bake the cakes seen on If you need help baking or decorating your cake, visit the Cake Central Forums.

Dear Cake Genius

  • "Dear Cake Genius" questions are published anonymously, but we will want to get in touch with you to let you know if your question has been answered! Make sure you are subscribed to Cake Central Magazine!
  • Cake Central reserves the right to edit submissions for length, grammar and style upon publication.
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