When it comes to baking and decorating, what’s your favorite TV show and why?

Whether you can’t get enough of the reality show drama or you get a kick out of cake execution, we know you have your favorite cake shows. We want to know what you’re watching– and why! From current shows to classic reruns, tell us about your favorite cake or baking TV programs and what makes you love them.

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theresaf Says... 7 Aug 2012 , 11:10am

I like Cake Boss - for many reasons! I learn some things from it and as an Italian-American in New York (not NJ) I can identify with the family dynamics. But - and not meant as an offense to any other place - there is a ridiculous lack of programming in the NY Metro area that is about baking and decorating. Cupcake Wars is a sorry example.. There's no technique being displayed and then they have to incorporate weird ingredients as well as bad sportsmanship and/or crying. There's no baking show on Food Network - forget about decorating. And some of the other channels seem to have dropped theirs.

I'd really LOVE a good show!


Wiltonlady Says... 9 Aug 2012 , 3:11pm

I love, love, love Cake Boss. The store, the people, the family. I feel like I've known them all my life. And their decorating skills are out of this world. I'm always amazed with the end product and how proud they are of the business and the family.


hbquikcomjamesl Says... 10 Aug 2012 , 9:03am

Cupcake Wars. For the sheer ludicrousness. Although I also really liked Ace of Cakes.

cureVHAandCF Says... 11 Aug 2012 , 11:03am

Ace of Cakes was by far my favorite!

sophiemalik Says... 11 Aug 2012 , 10:30pm

i also like cupcke wars, ace of cakes, the cake walk and plannet cake

jamesyay Says... 15 Aug 2012 , 2:03pm

I really dislike Cake Boss. It just annoys me. But hey that's just my opinion. Some people love it, and I'm fine with that.

However, I really do love Cupcake Wars. Just to see what kind of flavors the contestants come up with, and I love the displays!

cupcakesnbuttercream Says... 15 Aug 2012 , 4:21pm

I used to watch all the different cake shows all the time....but not so much anymore. I do like Cake Boss, because they show more detail & explain the process(at least they used to...i dont know what goes on these days). Basically, I like it because I can learn from it....not so much with Ace of Cakes. I also like Cupcake Wars because they include a variety of bakers, not just 'popular' people. I like that I can see bakers that I 'know'. I also like to see the flavors they come up with and the displays at the end.

mellyjane43 Says... 18 Aug 2012 , 4:37am

cant stand cake boss ! !! ace of cakes is my fave by far

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