Star Wars Cakes - May the Force Be With You


Being the geek that I am, anytime there is a new Star Wars themed cake, cookie, cake-pop or cupcake  added to the gallery it goes straight into my favorites.

 Whether you are a serious Star Wars fan or not you can seriously appreciate these cakes.

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Just when you thought you were “going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters” you’ll need to stay home and make a Death Star Cake

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Me too! My boys's birthdays are 5 days apart and we have one big party each year and I had been begging to have a Star Wars party. Finally they fell in love with it. My son, Lucas, who is the reason I am in the cake business (his favorite show is Cake Boss) requested a life size R2. I think I did a pretty good job. It was the biggest one I've ever made. He wanted movement but that was a little out of my league but I did give hime isomalt /LED lights and smoke. I still stare at the pictures of it and love seeing other Star Wars cakes on here as well. Wish we could have another party.


My son is a huge Star Wars fan. He has had several Star Wars Cakes a Jabba the hut, yoda, storm trooper with a graduation cap (kindergarten graduation), darthvader and a stormtrooper, and an edible image with a bunch of them. He was born on Leap day in 2004 so every leap year which this year will be his second, I have a frog incorporated on the cake somehow. This year he has designed his own cake, the lava scene, and I asked about where the frog should go, he said it can be climbing the mountain with a light saber in it's pocket:) Got to love a child's imagination, who knew frogs had pockets. Hopefully the cake I make lives up to his graphic description Wednesday:)


So wish this had been posted a week ago as just finished a Star Wars cake this morning and could have done with a little help & inspiration. I trawled through so many photos of Darth Vader and Yoda images ....... my youngest son was wearing his Darth Vader PJs when the cake was collected and gave the lady a few giggles...


Very nice cakes! My first sculpted cake was of Yoda's head. I LOVE Star Wars! Keep up the awesome work, everyone! I hope to make another Star Wars cake sometime this year when I have time. So much inspiration here!


i love starwars !! this blog made me do a yoda head cake i just put up a pic on my profile it was so much fun to do! :)

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