To whet my appetite while I wait for the release of the much anticipated “The Hobbit” movie, here are some truly beautiful, inspiring, adorable and sometimes frightening,  Lord of the Rings Cakes.

By Hajnalka
King Elessar- Aragorn from Lord of the Ring.he made from Fondant+ Tylose. I didn't use styro foam only support dowels. Hand painted with food color.

Lord of the Rings cake

By shukalata
This cake was originally designed for the OSSAS wedding division, which had to be based on something from "Tinsal Town." I chose to base it off of the trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings." Unfortunately, I didn't finish it in time. :( After so much investment though, I had to finish it for myself. So, here's the finished product, with a lovely backdrop! Everything is fondant or gumpaste, except for the wire holding the pendant, and the sugar jewels in the top pendant.

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole/Bag End

By zenu
This was a birthday cake for my brother, who turned 40. He's loved Tolkien since he was a kid. I figured he'd be thrilled with this cake…and he was! I made it with lots of love!Toba Garrett Chocolate Fudge Cake with WBH Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate BC, Hazlenut cake with Frangelico BC. Used Michelle's fondant recipe for grass, mound. Gumpaste for birdhouse, gate. Royal Icing on wires for bush, vines, part of fence, and grass.

Lord of the Rings trilogy books

By sylly
CSM: chocolate fondant covered, chocolate 1/4 sheet cakes cut down into books. All decorations are fondant/gumpaste mix and are hand painted. Writing, lines on books and details are hand painted. TFL!

Lord of the Rings cake with Gollum made of modelling chocolate

By plien

Rivendell - Lord of the Rings

By chinadoll652003
My DH and my sister made this cake for me for my birthday. I am a huge LOTR fan and they knew I would love this. My DH did all of the architecture, ring and the wall on the cake. All made from fondant. My sister did all of the piping and made the cake which was a scratch vanilla with strawberry filling.

Lord of the Rings Hobbit House for Max

By MountainEdgeCakes
10" round, 8" round & half ball pan covered in buttercream with fondant trim. Figures are purchased due to time constraints :D

By mrsknielsen
This was for a Lord of the Rings themed poker tourney!

By Hajnalka
Fondant Arwen from the Lord of The Rings. It's only half of the project, I still have to Aragorn as well. All hand shaped.

Lord of The Rings

By solociachef21
Barad dur tower from The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the rings cake

By libs
9 inch round cake, with Orc bust ontop, hand carved out of styro foam so the weight was not too heavy on top of the cake, covered in fondant with hand molded details, and airbrushed, sword, ring etc made out of fondant also, I love working with fondant its so versatile. Hope you guys like it and maybe it will inspire you do a little lord of the rings or hobbit cake of your own! cant wait for that Hobbit Movie! YEY!!! This was based on the cake by BLEEDING HEART BAKERY

Lord Of The Rings

By Jasley
Wedding cake for a Lord of the Rings themed wedding. Gumpaste ivy leaves with gold veins (same shape as the ones that they hold their cloaks together with), handpainted elvish writing, chocolate fondant. Bottom layer is chocolate cake, top layer Madeira.

Gollum - Lord of the ring

By Veronique6339
Made by Aux TROIS petits cochons par Veronique Arsenault (See it on Facebook!!!)

Hobbit Dragon - Smaug

By Anonymous
The dragon from the Hobbit Smaug

LOTR Castle

By Ginger08
For a Bride wanting the Lord of the Ring theme…Ill keep posting this darn photo until it looks right! Funny looking once its on the CC site to me at least!

Wedding Cake

By smab109
Lord of the Rings themed Cake

Lord of the Rings

By stettiecakes
This is a replica of Frodo's sword "Sting" from Lord of the Rings movie. All free hand drawing using BC.

Lord of the rings cake

By tasha0705
Gandalf and the mountains are hand painted

lord of the ring's cake.

By freubelmuisje
For verry good frends of mine that love LOTR I made a lord of the rings cake.They loved it. :) I made the figurines out of fondant.

Minas Tirith Cake

By Sugarbean
Groom requested the wedding cake for the wedding. They were big fans of LOTR. So we came up with a Minas Tirith Cake. Rock jets are cardboard covered in Fondant, Fondant accents on Messy BC (to look like rock). I think its pretty cool! :)

Troll Cake

By brian1974
2ft Standing Troll made from RKT and Modelling chocolate, Base cake lemon wasc with strawberry creamchesse filling.


By Crustymuffin
Ok guys fresh off the Competition floor here is Austin TX. This is my 2nd place finish Gollum Cake. It is a little over 2 feet tall and is 100% edible minus the structure. Its white dense cake, butter cream filled. Fondant base rock section. Rice cereal figure covered in gum paste and pastiage mix. Pulled sugar hair, Rock sugar Rocks, Poured Sugar crystals. and it took about 50 hrs to finish.

Gollum in Cave

By annieH
sponge covered with fondant. Sugarpaste Gollum, rocks, fish and rabbits. 1st attempt at a 3D face…practiced on my sons 18th cake :) Board will read. '' Happy Birthday Precious''

Goblin house

By Zettebel
My husband plays Lord of the Rings Online, so I made him a Goblin House cake for his birthday. It was pretty labour intensive – I spent about 20 hours on it. I will probably never do it again, but it was a good experience :o )

Elvin Warrior Shield

By Terri110661
Shield – gumpaste "aged" with food coloring and gold pearl dust. Cake (and cupcakes) supporting shield underneath – chocolate cake w/ mocha buttercream. Elvish name for "Marcus" – mocha buttercream.

Lord of the Rings birthday cake

By TitiaM
This was a combined birthday cake for my brother and going away cake for my sister-in-law. Lord of the rings theme with a map of Great Britain (where she's going to school)

lord of the rings cake

By taartenlaantje
lord of the rings cake

Lord of the Rings birthday cake

By Kirstie-mcd
Used Wilton book cake tin, covered in fondant icing, writing with food colouring pen. First paragraph of the book on one page and the other page is a map of middle earth, Gandalf made from sponge and modeling icing, icing ring and icing Golum

Lord of the Rings with Sam and Gollum

By soccerpals
This is a birthday and retirement celebration cake for a co-worker who enjoys Lord of the Rings. Characters are made of fondant, the ring is RKT and the center is made of two round cakes.


SweetTooth780160 Says... 27 Jan 2012 , 12:10pm

that is cool :)

meemawof10 Says... 2 Feb 2012 , 11:49am

I too am waiting not so patiently for The Hobbit. In the meantime, I surf for blogs and PJ's video releases, reread the book, watch LofR again and design my own Hobbit cake. Just not sure when the cake will become reality as I'm the only Hobbit enthusiast around here!! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see new Hobbit cakes arrive!!!

CakeDecoratingLL Says... 22 Feb 2012 , 7:23pm

Just too cool! My 2 yo would go crazy for these cakes!

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