Do you have nightmares about deliveries gone awry or the wrath of bridezillas? Cake Central Magazine wants to know!

Happy clients are one of the best parts of the cake making job, but what about when they aren’t so thrilled?

For this month’s Your Slice, we want to know what is something you never want to hear from a client?

Tell us your real or imagined horror stories, and your answer could be featured in Cake Central Magazine!

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malissie Says... 17 Jan 2012 , 6:46pm

I think my biggest fear is hearing a client complain about the taste of my cakes. I pride myself on making cakes that not only look great, but they have to taste great too. I can fix design flaws in some cakes, I can offer discounts for minor issues, but if it tastes bad, who's gonna order again? How are they going to talk about me?

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