Win $500 at The OSSAS Oct 2-3

Subscribe to Cake Central Magazine today or renew your existing subscription at the Cake Central booth during the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show Oct 2- 3 2010 and you will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 shopping spree at Global Sugar Art

That’s right! FIVE-HUNDRED BUCKA-ROOS in the form of a gift certificate at


Only one winner. Each Subscription/Renewal counts as an entry into the drawing. Entries only taken at Tulsa State Fairgrounds at the Cake Central Booth Oct 2 -3 2010. Winner will be announced on Oct 11, 2010.
Online/Mail-In Subscriptions & Renewals are not eligible for this drawing.  Winner will be contacted via email or phone.

So basically.. you need to come to the OSSAS and get a subscription, or renew your subscription in person to be entered in the drawing.

11 Responses to “Win $500 at The OSSAS Oct 2-3”

  1. Ok,….So if you can go to the Oklahome show, which I’m guessing the majority of members will not be able to go to, you get a chance to win a $500 gift certificate if you renew or subscribe to the magazine there. If you renew or subscribe online, you get two extra issues of the magazine and an ornament. Hmm…. I think it would be nice if ALL renewals and new subscriptions were entered in the drawing.
    Any thoughts on this from other members?

  2. I agree with TerryOh. Think it’s more fair if ALL subscription/ renewal get to be in the draw to win. I am overseas and can never get to any shows.

  3. Yeah just another perk for folks that have the monetary privilege and time to travel around the country to all these shows and classes. Oh well, can’t wait for that lottery ticket winning! haha

  4. There are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of sugar artists here in Oklahoma, myself and Kerry Vincent included. I was at the show and literally had to wait in line to even get close to the Cake Central table. Jackie was there (still giddy about meeting you, Jackie!) as were several of her employee’s/volunteer’s. To say that the Oklahoma artists are not in the majority kinda stings. The OSSAS is the ONLY sugar art show in Oklahoma – let us have this one time each year and join us in celebrating the fact that our art/profession is gaining in such wide-spread popularity.

  5. I also felt giddy meeting Jackie! It was great to have CC in my hometown and was a wonderful weekend!

  6. I had a blast meeting the girls at the CC table at the OSSAS. I thought it was awesome and I finally went ahead and got my subscription and can not wait to see the winner on the cover of the magazine. Thanks ladies for helping make the trip enjoyable.