WeTV Wedding Cake Wars Contest

Jackie & Ron Ben-Israel

UPDATE: Wedding Cake Wars Airing on Sept 20

Right now there is a tentative date of September 2009 for the airing of the Wedding Cake Wars cake challenge on WeTV.

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Here are some photos of the contestants in action:

14 Responses to “WeTV Wedding Cake Wars Contest”

  1. Wow, I didnt realize that there were action fotos … thanks!!… I am looking forward to the show … we actually had so much fun during the taping of the show. Barabara Jean and I (first 2 on the right from the group pic standing in front of the sign) did the peruvina theme … The camera crew were awesome. We had mics the entire time and we had to be carefull not to curse or go to the bathroom with the mic on … quite an experience. Hope you all have a wonderful time watching the show … woohoo!!

  2. Hey Chef_greeley! I forgot about the mics so, I know there might be some beeps on my side!!! lol My hubby said a bad word in Spanish and then I saw him talking to the mic and saying “You do not want to translate that in english, Thank you!” lol He was funny. I’m nervous but anxious… what mixed emotions!!!! Looks like I’m gonna need a bottle of whiskey to get through this show! lol

  3. I’m looking forward to the show airing, but at the same time i’m nervous. I to forgot the mics were one, it might be a couple of bleeps on my side as well. I’m the pregnant one (Cynthia Knox), well i had the baby now (on Aug. 4th) so i know i will need a drink for this one cringing wondering how was the show edited. I hope they show me in a good light though. It was a wonderful experience for me, i will definetly do another challenge if the opportunity presence itself. I always watch the cake challenges on tv and say i would love to do one of those. Well here’s my shot. I hope you guys enjoy the show.

  4. Oh Cynthia what are you complaining about? You did great! I was stuck with my wonderful hubby who went to my rescue so I could do the show at the last minute. I was ready but the nerves just killed me Oh and the cake! lol So, lets leave it at that and we will all gather on cakecentral after the show to cry!!!! Have a bottle of Vodka or tequila out cuz we are going to need it!!!! lol

  5. Cynthia Congrats on the baby!! You did great! I think I am more nervous about watching this than I was DOING it!
    I’ll be sitting with some red wine, or the vodka I use for painting, and watching. It was great getting to meet you all and I had a lot of fun!

  6. Liked the show!!!

    Would love to know how the contestants were chosen?

    I think I heard they had thousands of applications.