WeTV – Wedding Cake Wars


Wedding Cakes Wars airs on WeTV Sunday, Sept. 20th at 10pm|9c

Wedding Cake Wars was filmed at the Westminster, MD Great American Cake Show, tune in and set your DVRs!

I was fortunate enough to attend the live filming of the contest for 2 days.  All of the contestants were incredible, every cake just beautiful, intricate, and overall amazing! To top it off, they only had a few hours of prep and decoration, with cameras right there filming every single move.

See some “behind the scenes” photos of some of the contestants in action, while being filmed

Here are some photos me getting to meet some the talent!

The contestants included amateur and professional cake decorators:

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GAMCS-2009 027 GAMCS-2009 024

GAMCS-2009 031 GAMCS-2009 025

GAMCS-2009 032 GAMCS-2009 028

Charmaine Jones, Amanda Shafer, Kristyn Zaenklein, Carolina Lara, Clara Gold, Anna Weisend, Cynthia Knox, Ruth Rickey, Sabrina Kuratana, Vanessa Greeley, Terry Tuttle, Dana Herbert

On a personal side note… At the time I thought it most useful to take a photo of myself with everyone, in hind-sight, putting myself in EVERY photo .. not one of my better ideas.

Ron Ben-Israel, Host

Ron Ben-Israel, Host

I’m Ron Ben-Israel, and I have been baking and decorating wedding cakes since 1994…

Jay Ellis, Judge

Jay Ellis, Judge

At the age of 27, Jay is the young, brash owner of Cakes by Jay. Considered the premier wedding cake maker on Long Island, Jay has had to prove himself to the industryʼs established pastry chefs and decorators…

Colette Peters, Judge

Colette Peters, Judge

Colette Peters is the reigning queen of cakes. Since 1991, she has made Coletteʼs Cakes one of the most prestigious cake shops in the country and has written five, highly-acclaimed books…

Jill Hudson Neal, Judge

Jill Hudson Neal, Judge

Jill Hudson Neal is a former fashion reporter and style editor for Washington Post Magazine who recently became bridal editor for Washingtonian Magazineʼs new offshoot Washingtonian Bride and Groom…

Amanda Shafer

Amanda Shafer

Amanda is a bright and fresh-faced artist who never dreamed that she would be designing cakes for a living. She has a degree in studio art and always considered herself a sculptor, even though she had no idea what to do after she graduated…

Carolina Lara

Carolina Lara

Carolina is a former fashion designer from Puerto Rico and proud mother of three. Always creative – she makes jewelry, does glass fusing and bead making – her designs always come back to fashion…

Dana Herbert

Dana Herbert

Dana is an expert sugar artist with lots of names. Heʼs known as “The Sugar Daddy” because of his work with pulled and blown sugar. Heʼs called “The King of Cakes” because his six-year-old business, “Desserts by Dana,” is so successful in Delaware…

Learn more at: http://www.wetv.com/wedding-cake-wars

13 Responses to “WeTV – Wedding Cake Wars”

  1. I actually like this competition show format better than any of the others. I don’t enjoy all that “forced” drama where they add ridiculous, unrelated “surprises”, that are just totally irrelevant and do not actually add anything to the show. There is enough stress and drama in making a cake in 7 hours.

    I also felt like they did a really good job with the “featured” contestants, or back-stories, or whatever that is called, I really wished I could have seen everyone’s preparations, home life, baking tips etc, even if just for like 2 minutes total per person.

    I really felt like there were way too many contestants for the 1 hour. I think if they had 4 teams or less, for a 1 hour show they could have given everyone more airtime.

    My mom, and a few friends were like where did that Africa cake come from, and Cleveland? They got such little air time, by the time the show ended they had actually forgot they even existed!
    If I hadn’t been there for the live taping I would probably feel the same way.

    I also felt that there weren’t nearly enough shots, or photos of the finished cakes. The one think I actually like on Food Network challenges is they give a good shot of every finished cake, with close-ups.

  2. I enjoyed the show but would really like to see pictures of all the finished cakes, I feel this should have been a two hour show to enable a good view of ALL the competitors & to see the cakes properly at the end. Jackie, is there anywhere we can see pictures of these cakes?

  3. I loved the show!!! It inspired me….you dont have to decorate cakes for 20 years to be good. P.S. I am super jealous of the shop where Dana bought his supplies!!! I wish we had something like that in this area!!!

  4. I liked this format better then the other show where they suprise them with some challenge and make the other team sit out for 30 minutes. That 30 minutes could make or break the cake. I picked the Africa cake for the win as soon as I saw it. It was one of those cakes that takes your breath away. I actually really liked the Central Park cake better then the Greece cake. But over all I enjoyed it and hope there will be more episodes.

  5. I liked that the show featured SUPER new talent that has only decorated a couple of years and that they was a home busniess too! and it wasn’t the same ol same ol competitors like on food network (tho they r fun to watch, just ready to show that there are others that can decorate cakes).

  6. Since I don’t have ‘WE’ on my cable, I’m wondering if anyone taped this show or if it might be on You Tube or somewhere else that I might watch. So sorry to have missed it!

  7. Hello love your pics.
    My question is do you know where I can participate in cake contest? I would like to participate. I just have 4 months that I start making cake. and i do feel confident on myself that I can compete. I am a mother of 4 beautiful girls and soon a grandmother to be in Nov 18,2009. Since my husband got lay off and myself too, and the situation was not so good, I was getting frustate, one of my friend ask me to go to one of her Wilton class, I went, to forget my situation, for at least for 2 hours, I got surprise that I have instint for decorating cakes, I was so happy and jumping like a little girl, and as my background as graphic designer, and aclylic, oil painter, that will help me to decorate cakes. I know that I need to learn more but I think if I go to the contest that’s how I will learn more from the professional. please sorry to be pain, but I need that information, don’t know where to go.

    Thank you for you time.

  8. HI THERE!