Care Bears Cake Toppers

VIDEO: Care Bears Cake Toppers (How-to)

This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with some of our favorite Care Bears: Cheer Bear, Tender Heart Bear and Grumpy Bear. These guys are cute on top of cup cakes, cakes and push pops or just on their own. LOOK DOWN BELOW for all the materials you’ll need. WHAT YOU NEED: MATERIALS *Fondant, […]

Popsicle Cakepops Tutorial

VIDEO: Popsicle Cakepops! Make Ice-Block Cake Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these cute popsicle “Cake pops in Disguise” – Super cute and really fun – perfect for so many occasions and oh so easy! SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddiction for 3 x FREE weekly tutorials Tools & Equipment: Popsicle sticks Zip lock bag Scissors Spoon Knife Polystyrene block (to set & display your pops) […]

Lambeth Method


Have fun with Bobbie learning how to pipe with the Lambeth method of Cake Decorating! Equipment: • Parchment rounds • Cake dividing set (optional) • Food safe marker • Ruler • Dress makers tape measure • Pins • Nozzles • PME #2, #3, #4, and 13 • Ateco 16, 18, 101, and 199 • Coupler […]

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

VIDEO: Rainbow Unicorn Cake

This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with a RAINBOW UNICORN CAKE I made for my daughter Sophie. I hope you enjoy the time-lapsed video. For more photos & info for this cake visit: For online classes:50% off the list price: Learn to make a sculpted dog for 50% OFF: More […]

Make Spikes, Chains and Buckles

VIDEO: Using Spikes, Chains and Buckles with Marvelous Molds (how-to)

This week we are Mixing-it-up in the kitchen with my brand new line of Fashion Accessory Silicone Molds. Purchase them at: Buy my Craftsy classes at 50% OFF the original price: Use these codes- High-Fashion Shoe class: Handbag class: Sculpted Dog class: More info: Facebook: Twitter: Craftsy: Website:

Sculpted Olaf Cake

VIDEO: Frozen Cake Olaf HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Disney Frozen Cake

Subscribe: Recipe: How To Cook That Channel: Hi I am Ann, How to Cook Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts. New video every Friday. SUBSCRIBE ( ) for step by step tutorials for yummy desserts, sweet macarons, cupcakes, chocolate and cake decorating. Olaf Cake Disney Frozen Cake Recipe details: […]

Disney Frozen Cake Pops

VIDEO: FROZEN CAKE POPS! All the Disney FROZEN Characters.. As Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Frozen Cakepops – Princesses Anna & Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Sven & Olaf are all transformed into sweet delicious Cake Pop goodness. LIKE and SHARE if you love them! LINK TO FREE TEMPLATES: Page 1: Page 2: ** I recommend printing on a 210gsm card stock HUNDREDS of requests from you guys for something […]

How to Make Multi-Media Wedding Cake Cookies

VIDEO: How to Make Multi-Media Wedding Cake Cookies

It’s wedding season, and so I’ve got a bunch of wedding cookie and decorating videos planned for you! This one is my first in that series; it’s all about how to make a “multi-media” wedding cake cookie – meaning one that combines multiple techniques, such as stamping, stenciling, painting, dusting, and wafer paper flowers – […]

Inlay Cake Design Technique

VIDEO: Create a Cake Roll using the Inlay Cake Design Technique

Whether you refer to the technique as Japanese roll cake or joconde imprime cake, this easy technique of inlaying designs in a thin layer of batter is taking the baking world by storm. While we used a simple flower pattern here you can use any pattern or draw your own to create a beautiful and […]

How to Make Wafer Paper Ruffles


You’ll need wafer paper and a steamer, both of which can be found listed on the “tools” page of my website , here… Here’s a direct link to the steamer I have… And a direct link to the wafer paper I use…

Candy Crush Cake Pops

VIDEO: Make Candy Crush Cake Pops - WARNING - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these Candy Crush Saga CakePops at home! If you’re not addicted to the Candy Crush App, then you’re perhaps the only one who isn’t! —-SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddiction for more FREE Tutorials—– Tools & Equipment: Lollypop sticks Polystyrene block Knife Spoon 2 Zip lock bags Wax paper Scissors Ingredients: Melted chocolate or […]