Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie Tutorial

VIDEO: Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Learn a new technique and design: How to decorate a tufted heart sugar cookie. For more information visit: Equipment: • Cookie cutters • Lace heart cutter,OP • PME #3 writing nozzle/tip • PME # 1.5 writing nozzle/tip • PME st-50, small leaf tip • #0 Artist brush • Scriber tool • Paper cornet or […]

How to Make a Candy Filled Cookie Locket

VIDEO: How to make Valentine's Day cookie - Cookie decorating

A complete tutorial on how to create a cookie locket filled with candy Link to my blog: Info on Isomalt:

5 Different Valentine Cake Cookie Cupcake Toppers


Topper One circle cutter hearts cutters flower cutter damask stencil black Royal Icing texture for embossing (I used a piece of plastic I found at our local Home Depot it is used for covering ceiling lamps) tip #2 or #3 from wilton   Topper two Medium  heart cutter (2″ or 3″) gel colors in red, […]