Sugar Ribbon Flower Cake

VIDEO: Sugar Ribbon Flower Cake- (how-to)

How-to Ribbon/Fabric Flowers This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with a quick and fun way to make sugar flowers look like they were made out of ribbon or different fabrics. I’m going to show you three different types. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! LOOK DOWN BELOW for all the […]

Gumpaste Sweet Peas


Top cake decorator Elaine MacGregor shows the viewer how to make lifelike edible floral decorations using simple sugarpaste techniques. This video shows how to make lifelike sugar sweet peas. This video was originally shared by rylan in Cake Forums › How Do I? › Hundreds of Tutorials in Here!

How to Make a Miniature Rose

VIDEO: How to make a miniature rose

This is by no means an aesthetically correct rose! This is a very simplistic method of creating a flower to add a little bit extra to your decoration. You can see some cakes in my pictures on under More Photos where I have used the miniature roses with a bit of glitter added to […]

Open Peony Video Tutorial


This tutorial demonstrates how to make a beautiful open peony, start to finish!  The open peonies are my favorite style… I hope you will enjoy this video and find it helpful Thanks for watching!  And feel free to ask any questions if you found something unclear Materials needed for this project: Gumpaste (white & a […]

Modeling Chocolate Gerbera Daisy Tutorial


These gerberas are easy to make, you could use modeling chocolate, modeling paste or gum paste to make them with. Modeling Chocolate Gerberas FOR THIS PROJECT YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: Modeling chocolate in the following colors: dark brown, yellow and orange Melted chocolate Gel food coloring (optional) EQUIPMENT: Gerbera plunger cutters (Sunflower, gerbera & […]

How to Make a Gumpaste Edelweiss Flower


From Hajnalka Mayor (Hajnalka) of Zorica’s Cake Art in Ontario, CA comes this detailed tutorial outlining the process behind the gorgeous gumpaste edelweiss blossoms on her winter wonderland wedding cake. Lovely any time of year, but especially appropriate during the holidays, this strong and sturdy flower is a symbol of purity and enduring love. Materials […]

Gumpaste Poinsettia Tutorial


This vibrant gumpaste poinsettia by Bobbie Noto (LePastryDiva) of Bobbie’s Baking Blog is so life-like, keep reading to learn how she created it. Equipment: • 26 gauge white wire • 26 gauge green wire • Fine needle nose pliers • Embroidery scissors • Wire cutters • Fine groved needle nose pilers • Green floral tape • Art brushes […]