Watch Vivian Pham’s 2011 OSSAS Cake Competition Made from Start to Finish


This cake took over 350 hours to make. This was the first competition I entered in, and I believe it’s the best one out there. It is hosted by Kerry Vincent in Tulsa, Oklahoma every year. This cake was made out of fondant and gumpaste. I hope everyone can enjoy it. =)

Here is a website with more of my CakeWork

34 Responses to “Watch Vivian Pham’s 2011 OSSAS Cake Competition Made from Start to Finish”

  1. I was able to watch it… but it was moving so fast it gave me a headache! I’d think they could slow it down a little even if it has to be split into 2 or 3 videos… didn’t get much out of it…

  2. Such a beautiful cake and a daunting amount of work! Good for her! To see what she is able to do with just a few simple cutters is amazing! I would have thought a cake like this would need hundreds of premade molds or something in order to get all the ornate details.
    Does anyone know is the cake covered in silver leaf?

      • The silver looks amazing… well, the whole cake is amazing! I didn’t realize you were actually commenting! Thanks for a response. :)
        Now, is this something that just sort of developed as you worked on it, or had you planned everything out?

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