Rose Cupcake Bouquet (Using Styrofoam Ball)

I recently made a cupcake bouquet with my extra cupcakes for a dessert auction. I had been wanting to try it for quite a while but had no reason to. What I found was that it was easier than I had thought. This makes a great centerpiece for any occasion and the cupcakes easily slide off when it’s time for dessert.

List of Materials

  • Flower Pot
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Toothpicks
  • Green tissue paper
  • Favorite cupcakes
  • Favorite buttercream icing


Place the styrofoam ball in the pot and push it down so it’s secure. Then slide 2 toothpicks next to each other into the ball near the top of the pot. I used 2 toothpicks so that the cupcakes didn’t turn. Make sure the toothpicks are pushed in far enough because next you’re going to slide a cupcake right down on top of the toothpicks so that the toothpicks puncture the bottom of the cupcake. Continue placing toothpicks in the ball and cupcakes on the toothpicks until you make it all the way around the ball. Try to get the cupcakes as close as you can.


Continue to place toothpicks into the ball and slide cupcakes onto the toothpicks. Try to get the cupcakes as close as possible to minimize gaps. When you get near the top, you may want to “dry fit” the cupcakes to make sure you don’t leave a huge blank spot on top. I was able to fit 29 cupcakes on this bouquet.


I decided to put 3 different colored roses on my bouquet. Since I used 3 different flavors of cupcakes, and had randomly stuck them to the ball, I started by making the red velvet cupcakes white. I used a 1M tip and did a simple rose swirl on each one. I used indydebi’s buttercream recipe found on this site … it crusts nicely and does not slide off.


Next I tinted the white buttercream pink and put a pink rose swirl on each of the vanilla cupcakes.


I then added red coloring to the pink icing so that I could put a red rose swirl on each of the chocolate cupcakes.


Finally, to fill in the gaps, I cut green tissue paper into small squares, gathered them (one at a time) around the end of a pen, and poked them into the gaps between flowers to look like leaves.


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  1. Love your bouquet, very classy looking!
    I’m wondering if you or anyone else knows the best/cheapest place to buy styrofoam balls? I know they have them at hobby lobby and acmoore etc but they are $4/5 per ball which will add up if I do this regularly… Any tips appreciated! Thanks!

    • I have used scrap Styrofoam and glued it together. My husband has a small saw that he saws it into a round ball. You can then cover this with foil. No one sees it and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t exactly round.

    • Sometimes I glue scrap pieces of Styrofoam together and use a small saw to shape it. You can cover this with foil. No one see it and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t exactly round.

  2. sign up for Joannes fabric store mailing list .Use the discount coupons for sytrofoam balls.They have become so pricey since they use petroluem to make them.

  3. rutha … I’m so sorry this didn’t work for you. I used 2 toothpicks for each cupcake. I tried to put them about 3/4 inch apart and side by side (as opposed to vertically). None of mine slid off. I used indydebi’s Crisco based buttercream and nothing slid anywhere (I was concerned about that but was pleasant;y surprised when everything stayed put). You might try putting a thin layer of icing on the cupcakes before piping the rose on so that it has something to stick to. hth

  4. this is real good, grate idea, i will definately try this pls can u help me with the indydebi’s buttercream recipe.this is my second month in this site. i will be grateful if u reply me, on the other hand can i have your personal site.

  5. I saw a similar idea in Cupcake Doctor but this one makes more since financially. I’m curious what your cost was for this. I can’t wait to try it!

  6. Flawless and superb. Great idea. Was it easy getting the cupcakes out without making a mess. Any suggestions on how to remove them? Last question, the 1m tip, did you start from the outside swirling in or inside swirling out. Yes im new to cake decorate. Thank you

  7. vonda627 … The cupcakes come out by just pulling them straight out. Because there is space between them (filled in with tissue paper), there’s enough room for a finger and thumb to grab hold. For the rose swirl, just start in the middle and swirl toward the outside. After a little practice, it’s very quick and easy. hth

  8. How do these do when you need to transport them? I have a shower coming up and I want to bring a cupcake bouquet, but I’m concerned about driving with it.

  9. I was concerned about driving with it as well, so I had my son hold it while I drove. It really felt top-heavy and I was concerned that it would fall over. If you’re fast at making the flowers, you could assemble it, secure it in a box, and then pipe the roses on when you get there. Just a thought…

  10. How do you pipe the icing? And is there any similar tips to a 1M (they’ve apparently been discontinued here)

    I’ve seen buttercream rose tutorials before but they basically tell you to pipe individual petals in the same way you’d attach roll-out/gum paste petals…

  11. To help make this a little cheaper you can cut the styrofoam ball IN HALF and secure it to the bowl or pot with double sided tape. Sometimes you can even find a 1/2 circle or dome styrofoam in craft stores. You might as well utilize that 1/2 that hides inside the pot.

  12. Lovely idea, I am just beginning to make cakes for friends since being made redundant and this looks like something I may be able to make – thank you so much for sharing!

  13. You can use the 2oz plastic cups, like the ones you get at a restaurant with butter or dressing in it. Staple them all together, 1 in the middle and then staple them in a circle around that and they staple another circle around the first circle. Glue it on the pot you have and then put regular size cupcakes in that. Easy Peasy and cheap. I get the cups at walmart. To transport, just get an old box and cut a circle out of it to place the cupcake pot in it. That will hold it in place.

  14. Hi there, I made this for my Nephews birthday – I made red velvet cupcakes and made mini and regular size cupcakes which was great for the younger kiddies at the party. Looked and tasted great.
    Carole New Zealand

  15. I made this last year and it was a big hit. However, transportation was a problem. I had to tell my customers to make sure they had someone with them to hold the bouquet because it would tilt over. I thought about the box idea, but that’s a lot of work when you have numerous customers.

    Thank you

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