How to Make a Pregnant Belly Cake with Footprint


The belly cake is a baby shower staple, and it’s surprisingly simple to make! Here’s how to create your own.


Wilton ball cake pan (both halves)

Large half ball cake pans

Quarter sheet cake pan

Fondant in skin tone, hot pink, purple and white.

2 Sugar flowers


Bake 4 cakes– both Wilton ball cake pans for breasts, large half round for tummy  and a quarter sheet to add height. Position the round cakes on the sheet, as shown.


Carve down the quarter sheet to 1/2 inch from the rounds.


With a sharp knife, carve at a diagonal away from the balls to form rounded edges on the sheet cake. Cut away the excess cake board.


Dirty ice the cake.


Smooth using a Viva paper towel.


Create the foot print using 3/8 inch fondant, and attach to buttercream.


Cover the whole cake in flesh color fondant. Take time to smooth carefully over the footprint. I used a small ball tool and other gum paste tools to reveal the foot print. Roll a thin log of fondant, and wrap it in a spiral to form the belly button.


Roll white fondant and cut into large triangles. With a small amount of water, attach the top.


Roll out the hot pink fondant to 2 feet long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Gather pleats and attach to the underside of the belly. Roll out purple  to about 16 inches and fold both sides in toward the middle. Attach to skirt. Cut hot pink zebra stripe shapes and attach to top.


Add purple extruded boarders to the top. Attach flowers– 1 at the hip and 1 on the opposite side in the middle at the bottom of the bikini top. I used glitter dust to enhance the skirt and purple flowers!

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  1. I already have the ball pan for the breasts and the sheet cake pan but I am having a hard time trying to find a large ball pan on wilton site and other bakery supply sites. is there possibly another name for this pan (fir the belly) or a specific website I would need to visit> Thanks

  2. I struggled with proportions with this cake!! I felt that the chest was way too large compared to the belly!! I ended up using the 6 cavity half ball pan from wilton and the soccer pan! There are some hedious cakes out there where the chest is a double E sized and it didn’t look proportional! I used a 6 in pan as well to give the desire height under the smaller half balls!!

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