How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles


This is a tutorial using a fondant and gumpaste 50/50 mix to show how I shaped and added the facial features, and accent pieces to the ninja turtle heads. I didn’t do a lot of explaining things so please if you have any questions at all leave them in the comment section down below. I am thinking of adding a tutorial on how to make the upper body to the ninja turtles and the sewer lid of the topper if there is enough interest! So …..If you’d like to see this leave me a yes comment down below and I’ll get it up asap! :-)

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52 Responses to “How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles”

  1. So darned awesome!!! My 29 year old son is still quite fond of The Turtles, and he’s passing his love along to his two nephews. I vote a resounding “YES!!!” to your idea of adding more tutorials to complete The Turtles.

    • Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments. I’m truly overwhelmed with the positive feedback. I am working on filming a tutorial for the rest of the topper. I will try and have it finished and upload as soo as possible. The tools I used in the video are Wiltons Modeling Tool Set. You can find them on the Internet or Micheal’s and ACmoore carry them.

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