Edna De la Cruz’s Buttercream Pleats Tutorial


Once you’ve perfected your smooth buttercream skills, a door to a whole world of decorating options opens up. By piping and smoothing layers of crusting buttercream on a cake, you can create a graceful draped fabric look, jaunty pleats, unique ridges and so much more. Master the techniques in this tutorial, and let your imagination run wild!


  • #12 round piping tip
  • Angled modeling knife
  • Ball tool
  • Cake
  • Crusting buttercream
  • Skewer
  • Viva paper towels


Using crusting buttercream, cover and smooth cake using the Viva paper towel method.  Mark the cake with a skewer or a needle tool where you want the pleats to be. Start with the center line, marking from the bottom up three quarters of the way to the top.


Mark the curved side lines from the bottom up to the top with two on each side of the center line.


Using a round tip #12, pipe over the center line.


Blend the line with the side of an angled modeling knife. Wipe the knife after each swipe.


Smooth the piped line using a Viva paper towel with light finger pressure.


For intricate smoothing where your finger won’t fit, over a Viva paper towel, use a ball tool with light pressure.


Continue by piping and repeating the blending and smoothing techniques on each line marked off on the cake.


Finish the cake with a pearl border using a round tip #4.


As seen in Cake Central Magazine Volume 1 Issue 3


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