Blue Ombre Petal Cake Tutorial


Stunning, isn’t it?

I made this beautiful ombre petal cake for my sons 9th (sigh) Birthday.

Usually he gets a themed cake, like the soccer cake or the Sponge Bob cake, but I just was too busy this year to get all fancy for a more in-depth cake, so this is what he got.
He thought it was cool, and that’s all that matters.

Petal Cake

I posted a photo of it on Instagram (follow me at Hungryhousewife) and Facebook and everyone loved it. I got emails requesting a tutorial, and y’all know I aim to please.
Pretty sure I’ve got all the tutorial bases covered, a video, on the cake and just icing. I hope you all find it useful!



And if you are short on time and don’t feel like watching the video, here is a photo tutorial.


  • Crumb coated cake
  • Pastry bag
  • #12 tip
  • Buttercream Icing, your choice of color
  • Off-set spatula or small spoon

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Start with a messily crumb coated cake.

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

For the ombre effect, take six graduating colored frosting with #12 tips.

Blue Ombre petal cake

Pipe a vertical line of icing dots. If doing the ombre effect, start with the lightest icing first.

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Place the off-set spatula in the middle of the dot, press down and drag.

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Continue around the cake.

Blue Ombre Petal Cake

When you get to the end, just pipe the final vertical line of dots and don’t swipe.

And if you want to see the piping and dragging technique off the cake, I got that for you too!



Petal Cake Tutorial

Petal Cake tutorial

Petal Cake tutorial Petal Cake Tutorial

Petal Cake Tutorial

Petal Cake Tutorial

Petal Cake Tutorial

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  1. Hi! This is a wonderful tutorial and I really appreciate the step by step instructions. I do have a question. How do you do the very last row? There wouldn’t be much room to drag the spatula and I was wondering how you maintained the effect without disrupting the rows already completed?

    Again, thanks for the beautiful cake and very helpful tutorial!

      • Samsam59 I have seen a tutorial online a long time ago where a lady put ice in a sandwich tin and then another sandwich tin ontop which she used to keep her buttercream icing bags in when she was alternating with colours and it worked for her keeping the buttercream cool. I have not tries it myself though. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Leslie, I had 2 birthdays cake this weekend and was out of ideas. Saw this tutu roil the Friday night and did the design on both cakes on the Saturday. They were a big hit at the party. I didn’t take the effect to the top just around the side of the cake. Not sure how to post a picture of the cake.

    • Thanks for the tutorial! I used this technique in a diagonal for a 4yrs old girl’s birthday cake using 3 colors, purple-pink-aqua. It turned out really nice!
      Love that it is simple and yet gives it a beautiful finish.

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