5 Different Valentine Cake Cookie Cupcake Toppers


Topper One

  • circle cutter
  • hearts cutters
  • flower cutter
  • damask stencil
  • black Royal Icing
  • texture for embossing (I used a piece of plastic I found at our local Home Depot it is used for covering ceiling lamps)
  • tip #2 or #3 from wilton



Topper two

  • MediumĀ  heart cutter (2″ or 3″)
  • gel colors in red, green, White (americolor works really good)
  • small paint brushes
  • black fondant.


Topper Three

  • Heart cutters (different sizes)
  • Fondant extruder gun
  • texture for embossing



Topper Four

  • Eyelets cutters (you can also use different tips and use them as eyelets cutters )
  • hearts cutters,
  • little bow or any other embellishment,
  • large circle cutter
  • large flower cutter
  • white food coloring or royal icing


Topper Five

  • Heart Cutter
  • Edible frosting sheet with any desired design
  • Fondant Extruder Gun


About the author Joly Diaz

I am the Mom of 2 super active boys, who wrestle daily and drive me and my impatient husband, totally nuts, but in between: we have fun, we act silly, we fool around, we bake, we dance so much and love to listen to music inside our van extremely loud!!! I love to learn any new form of crafting and sugar art is my absolutely passion. I am always eager to try new techniques and designs on any of my cakes. I love to bake, to decorate, to shop, to read and to learn and try new things

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