Show Your Cake Central Spirit!

Show your Cake Central Spirit!

Due to popular demand, we are re-launching the availability of Cake Central Branded Merchandise so that you can display to all your friends and family your passion for Cake, Cake Central, and the Cake Community!

We are starting with a small selection of items to test out the demand. If it goes well with these first items we will be expanding the offerings quickly to bring back t-shirts, car magnets, tote bags, and lots of other interesting items.

Now in stock and available for immediate shipment are:
We are currently only available to ship to USA, APO/FPO, Puerto Rico

Bistro Mug

Cake Decorator’s Apron

Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I’d Rather Be Decorating Cake! License Plate Frame

35 Responses to “Show Your Cake Central Spirit!”

  1. The shipping cost are OUTRAGEOUS! I wanted to order the license plate frame and shipping was $9.07. That is just ridiculous. With shipping rates like that how many people are going to order?

  2. I don’t know much about this things but they are trying to bring merchandise to us, the cake decorating community, I’m sure they don’t run FEDEX do you? When they chose the post office to deliver the magazine they got lost, and people complain. When they get fedex to safely deliver the merchandise, people complain, what do they have to do to keep us ALL happy. I say: Don’t even try!

  3. shipping on the license plate to my house was nearly $10.00, that is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

  4. Is there any chance my local retailers that carry the magazine will also be carrying this merchandise? The shipping costs are a bit of a put-off, otherwise I’d love an apron and water bottle.

  5. FedEx for the plate cover is almost 12 bucks :( Can’t make myself pay twice the amount of the item, for shipping….FedEx is pricey – wonder why not use UPS? Would love to have alllll these items, but just can’t afford the shipping costs :(

  6. The products won’t be carried anywhere other than online.

    We will certainly look to add t-shirts and tank tops if there is a good response to these initial items. Right now it is just a test case to see if this is something the members want.

  7. You should give us the choice of who we pay to ship. USPS is much cheaper!!! maybe more would be sold. If shiping wasn’t so much!

  8. I would order a Tshirt when available. Make sure they come in all sizes, small to the very large. I like oversize shirts to be comfy.

  9. We have added support for USPS now, however the reason we did not offer it before is the unreliability. However if customers want to take that risk, it is now available.

  10. Shipping to my place on the license plate was only $2.04 for USPS first class. Not sure why others is more expensive.

  11. Do you think you might ship internationally in the future? I am in Australia and would love to buy some products, they look fantastic!

  12. I plan to order all of the items with the lower shipping cost!!! t-shirts yeah I want one of those too, xxl please!!

  13. This stuff is so cute but nothing I would use…Now if a shirt, car magnet and tote bag come along Im all in!!! I cant wait!!!

  14. I’m in on a tank top! Prefereably in black :) I like the “Got Cake” idea too-or putting something on the back…or has anyone seen the Baby Love baker “silhouette” logo out there? Like the girl you see on a truck’s mudflap, only she’s holding a cupcake???…I also like the idea of a car magnet!

  15. I love my licence plate frame, too! And I had it shipped USPS all the way to Delaware and I was surprised how fast it arrived. Thanks!

  16. I ordered the car magnet with free license frame. Shipping was about $3 to Tennessee. Today I received the frame but no magnet????? Any input????????? Linda

  17. I ordered the car magnet and free license frame also and only recieved the license frame.. I am so irriatated .. I have emailed them twice about it and NO response .. I guess they just got my $$$$$$.. I will never order from them again.. they could aleast emailed me back with a explanation.. its been about 2 weeks… Tonya

  18. I ordered the magnet and it looks nothing like the picture…$30.00 i spent and im not happy with what i got!!!

  19. tonyascakes… give it a few more weeks mine came later all by its self.. i think 3 weeks after the license plate frame…. im not happy with it though!

  20. The same thing happened to me with the free license plate frame when you ordered the magnet. No magnet! There was no phone number to call and I had to email twice before I got an answer. The shipping was steep, but worth it only because USPS sucks in my area. I probably won’t order from them again though because I worried too much about whether or not I was going to get the $20 magnet I paid for.(and waited like two days before they finally responded. I am the type that prefers to resolve things quickly and have errors corrected and be able to speak to a live person when something is wrong) But they did ship it quickly when they responded(and apologized for the error) still…

  21. you should try the shipping costs to South Africa not to mention the ZAR $ conversions on top of that :) Very tempting otherwise.

    Perhaps i need to open a branch here in South Africa….