Knickerocker Glory

this serves six people and it is a very good treat for summer parties. Ingredients Amount Ingredient 2 cups custard whipped cream 2 cups any flavor jello chopped and toasted nuts such as peanuts or your choce 2 cups chopped fresh fruit 1 pint vanilla ice cream chocolate syrup Directions 1. Preare the custard, whipped […]

Jelly Roll Torte

Super easy recipe- only 2 ingredients! Ingredients Amount Ingredient 5 jellyroll 3 pints ice cream Directions Cut 5 baker’s jellyroll into 1/2 inch thick slices, use to line bottom and outer sides of ungreased 9 inch tube pan. Fill center with 3 pints of ice cream. Freeze until firm. Then unmold, cut into wedges and […]

Saffron Ice Cream

For a dairy dessert, try Saffron Ice Cream, also from Batmanglij “New Food of Life.” Ingredients 4 Cup Milk 1 Cup Sugar 2 tsp powdered sahlab 1/2 Cup h\Half Cream 1/2 tsp Saffron 3 table spoons Rose Water 2 table spoons pistachios Directions 1. In large saucepan, stir together milk and sugar and bring to […]

Blackberry Butter Cream Icing/Filling

This is another version of my Strawberry Butter Cream Filling that has been increasing in popularity on Cake Central. This Blackberry Butter Cream is an absolutely beautiful icing and lovely filling. It sets your cakes above anyone else’s…Hope you enjoy it as much as my clients have!

Ice Cream Cake Icing

I needed to make an ice cream cake and wasn’t sure what to do about frosting the outside. I also wanted something with some flavour I don’t like how the store bought ICC frosting doesn’t taste like anything…so this is what I came up with and it worked and tasted great!

Chocolate Peanut Freeze

This is one of my favorite ice cream cakes, I found this recipe in the Tast Of Home Magazine. With ingredients like chocolate, cookies, ice cream & peanuts… can’t go wrong! Hope you enjoy!