Nutcracker Inspiration Challenge

Nutcrackers, historically used to crack nuts, have come into the less-functional tradition of decoration. Whimsically decorated nutcrackers can be found adorning fireplace mantels, standing guard at the foot of the Christmas tree, and even in rows upon rows at the department store. This Inspiration Challenge is all about the regal nutcracker. Submit your creative sweet […]

How to Make a Gumpaste Edelweiss Flower


From Hajnalka Mayor (Hajnalka) of Zorica’s Cake Art in Ontario, CA comes this detailed tutorial outlining the process behind the gorgeous gumpaste edelweiss blossoms on her winter wonderland wedding cake. Lovely any time of year, but especially appropriate during the holidays, this strong and sturdy flower is a symbol of purity and enduring love. Materials […]

Sketch to Cake: JoAnn Maguire’s Holiday Wedding Bells Cake

ecp-large-holidayweddingbells_sistersbakeshop1360 (4)

In the latest holiday issue of Cake Central Magazine (Volume 4, Issue 12), we asked cakemakers to create holiday wedding cakes that combined traditional imagery with modern motifs. We loved JoAnn’s holiday wedding bells cake and wanted to take a closer look! Read on to learn about JoAnn’s design process.   CAKE CENTRAL: What elements of the inspiration […]

Springerle Cookie Recipe


These anise-flavored Christmas cookies have been a German tradition for hundreds of years. Their name dates back to an old version of the German language and translates into “little knight.” The unique style of these cookies comes from the molds used to create the pictures and impressions on them. Originally, these pictures depicted biblical or […]

Gumpaste Poinsettia Tutorial


This vibrant gumpaste poinsettia by Bobbie Noto (LePastryDiva) of Bobbie’s Baking Blog is so life-like, keep reading to learn how she created it. Equipment: • 26 gauge white wire • 26 gauge green wire • Fine needle nose pliers • Embroidery scissors • Wire cutters • Fine groved needle nose pilers • Green floral tape • Art brushes […]

Angelic Holiday Bell Topper Tutorial

tutorial 6

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this lovely holiday bell topper is the perfect embellishment to spread some holiday cheer! Cake Central user SugarLoveandPas shares her detailed, easy-to-follow photo tutorial below. Check out her Facebook page for more of her work!  

Cake Scrap Bread Pudding Recipe


From Volume 1 Issue 7 of Cake Central Magazine, this is one of our favorite recipes.  Use cake scraps in any flavor you have. Bread Pudding 8 oz. cake scraps 2 tablespoons butter, melted 4 eggs, beaten 2 cups milk ¾ cup white sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla Preheat oven to 350°F. […]

How to Make a Fondant Bow

VIDEO: Make a Fondant Cake Bow / Ribbon - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make this cute puffy fondant “Tiffany Box Style” Ribbon Bow for Cakes and Cupcakes in a few easy steps. Perfect for decorating your cakes and cupcakes, you can adjust the measurements to re-create it in any size. Tools & Equipment: Fondant rolling pin ( or a regular rolling pin) Ruler Paintbrush Pizza […]

3-D Snow Globe Cookies


  Hello, this is Jacinda from Ali’s Sweet Tooth and I am excited to share my tutorial on 3D Winter Cookies. Materials Your favorite cookie and royal icing recipe. White piping icing with a #1 and #2 tip. White icing thick enough to hold it’s shape, with a star tip. Light blue for flooding your cookie […]

Top Nutcracker Cakes

Nutcracker cake

Nutcrackers are steeped in holiday tradition, from belief that they bring good luck to superstitions that they protect your home. Whether you like them for their function or their decorative appeal, check out these nutcracker cakes. Nutcracker cake By icalise My first HUGE cake – 42″ total. The birthday boy is a family friend who […]

How to Make a Patterned Roll Cake

VIDEO: Patterned Roll Cake Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon dumb ways to die

recipe: Subscribe: Hi I am Ann, How to Cook That is a creative cake, chocolate & dessert cooking channel. SUBSCRIBE for step by step tutorials for yummy desserts, sweet macarons, cupcakes, chocolate and cake decorating. How to make a patterned roll cake, stripes & Dumb Ways To Die, Recipe details: SUBSCRIBE : […]