How to Make a Nutella Burger

VIDEO: How to Make a Nutella Burger | Eat the Trend

) You’ve tried burgers and all their ilk — brie and beef, lamb, turkey, and maybe even a ramen-bunned masterpiece — but have you ever had a burger for dessert? Now you can with the Nutella burger, a sweet play on the American lunch and dinnertime staple. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food! Visit our website […]

How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles

VIDEO: How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles

) This is a tutorial using a fondant and gumpaste 50/50 mix to show how I shaped and added the facial features, and accent pieces to the ninja turtle heads. I didn’t do a lot of explaining things so please if you have any questions at all leave them in the comment section down below. […]

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream


These Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Baileys buttercream frosting are a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day or just about any other gathering with friends! Guinness chocolate cupcakes Ingredients: 1 cup Guinness beer (240mL) 1 cup unsalted butter (240g) 3/4 cup cocoa powder (75g) 2 cups all purpose flour (240g) 2 cups sugar (400g) 1 […]

Top Baby Blocks Cakes

Baby Shower

Baby blocks are a fun way to spell a special message on a baby shower cake or add a playful touch to a sweet baby cake. Check out these top baby blocks cakes for some inspiring ideas. By Kitagrl Requested by a client and somewhat designed by me. The blocks were an attempt to replicate […]

Georgetown Cupcake’s Red Velvet Recipe

VIDEO: Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe | Georgetown Cupcake | Get The Dish

Re-create Georgetown Cupcake’s signature red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting at home. Even though a bedazzled mixer isn’t required, it certainly adds charm to the cupcake making process! Watch the video, then print out the recipe. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food! Visit our website for more easy recipes and cooking tips! Are we […]

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

VIDEO: Easy Recipe for Root Beer Float Cupcakes

The root beer float is found on diner menus everywhere, and is especially popular on hot summer days as a cool and refreshing treat. shows you how to combine those same flavors by making Root Beer Float Cupcakes.

Top Purse Cakes

White louis Vuitton

Prada, Coach, Michael Kors and more, these purse cakes look like the real thing. You might not even believe they’re cake! By patisseriejaja This is my second 3D purse. It is not easy as a flat cake but I am happy with the result. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache all covered with […]

How to make Planet Cake’s Handbag Cake


Paris Cutler and the team at Planet Cake have earned an international A list client base that stretches from Sydney to Europe, USA and South America. With an international television series, several successful cookbooks, a 1.5 tonne replica of the Opera House and a school behind them, Planet Cake can now lay claim to being […]

Ice Cream Cone Rainbow Cake Pops

VIDEO: Ice Cream Cone Rainbow Cake Pops: Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio Recipe

Paityn’s Birthday Cake Surprise Video: Blog Post: Learn how to make ice cream cone rainbow cake pops in this tutorial with our guest baker Paityn. Items used in the video: • prepared cupcakes of various colours • Buttercream (Our buttercream video: • mini ice cream cones (I found mine at WalMart) • […]

Cheesecake Factory’s Original Cheesecake

VIDEO: Cheesecake Factory's Original Cheesecake Recipe | Get the Dish

The Cheesecake Factory may have a whopping 35+ flavors of cheesecake on its menu, ranging from key lime to tiramisu, but it’s the original New York-style cheesecake that’ll forever make our hearts flutter. Rich, dense, and tangy, it’s so good that we developed our own recipe inspired by this decadent treat. Watch the video to […]