Top Cakes with Daisies

Gerber Daisies

Versatile and popular, daisies are a great go-to flower when it comes to making cakes for all kinds of occasions, from baby showers to birthdays. Knowing how to make a good gumpaste daisy is a handy skill to have up your sleeve! We collected this ‘garden’ of cakes with daisies from the galleries, and we […]

Sugar Ribbon Flower Cake


How-to Ribbon/Fabric Flowers This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with a quick and fun way to make sugar flowers look like they were made out of ribbon or different fabrics. I’m going to show you three different types. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! LOOK DOWN BELOW for all the […]

Elisabeth Palatiello’s Playful Houndstooth & Ikat Silicone™ Onlay Cake Tutorial


My background in fashion design and my love for home interiors was the perfect springboard for creating this playfully patterned cake. The classic houndstooth and Ikat are timeless patterns that are just as comfortable in home décor as they are in fashion. After finding these two amazing chairs on Pinterest, I was inspired by the […]

Top Hot Dog Cakes

grillin out cupcakes

National Hot Dog Day is on July 23rd, and we love how this favorite fast food and barbecue staple has inspired so many unique cake designs! From buns that have been airbrushed to perfection to condiments that truly resemble the real thing, these hot dog cakes, cupcakes and cookies are sure to get your tastebuds […]

Mini Banana Split


Meringue takes this banana split to the next level and puts an ultra-decadent spin on a classic American treat. Serve these mini banana splits in vintage ice cream bowls, cocktail glasses, or make homemade waffle bowls! We suggest drizzling strawberry sauce and caramel sauce on top along with a sprinkle of roasted peanuts for that […]

How-To Create Hot Dog and Ice Cream Cupcakes


Learn how to make delicious cupcakes that look like hot dogs and ice cream cups with cake, frosting and fondant. For materials and equipment click here: More info: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Craftsy:

Hot Dog Whoopie Pies


Here is the link to the cheeseburger video: Welcome to todays tutorial, for complete food prank playlist click here: (Recipe adapted from Whoopie Pies by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell) Vanilla Whoopie Pie Recipe: 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room […]

Maylene’s Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay™ Cake Tutorial


List of Materials: Marvelous Molds Silicone Onlay™ – Sparkling Bubbles design Cornstarch Tylose powder Pasta machine Rolling pin Fondant smoother Skewer or toothpick Lightly dust Marvelous Molds Silicone Onlay with cornstarch. Stiffen the yellow fondant with tylose powder (use enough fondant to cover the silicone onlay). Roll out fondant to a setting of 5 on […]

Meringue Nests


Meringue nests make a perfect base to fill with your favorite fresh fruit or cake filling. These light meringues make a wonderful warm weather dessert when served with some vanilla whipped cream and summer berries.   Meringue Nests 5 egg whites, room temperature Pinch cream of tartar 1-1/4 cup superfine granulated sugar Wipe mixer bowl […]

How to Make Eyelet Lace Doily Cookies

VIDEO: How to Make Eyelet Lace Doily Cookies (aka Part 1 of My 3-D Wedding Bouquets)

Though lovely as is, these cookies are even more striking as “platters” for my 3-D sandwiched wedding cake cookies, or as part of my 3-D cookie wedding bouquets! (See those project videos below.) But given their relatively ornate nature, these doilies are deserving of this video of their own! They’re also a pretty way to […]

Kermit The Frog Cake

VIDEO: Kermit The Frog Cake | The Muppets (How To) Feat: TheRyanLamont

Love Kermit? then this cake is for you! follow this quick and easy tutorial.. Checkout Ryan’s Channel and thanks to for filming the other stuff Subscribe for new cakes every Monday and Friday! Its FREE!! ButterCream Recipe : Vanilla Cake Recipe: Get in touch with me @ […]

Top Cakes with Bees

Honeycomb Cookies

These top cakes are the bee’s knees, and they’re sure to set your mind abuzz with ideas! Tiny gumpaste bumblebees, delicately piped buttercream blossoms and honeycomb toppers are just a few of our favorite details. We’re thinking that these garden-inspired creations would make the perfect baby shower centerpiece, especially served up alongside some bumblebee cake […]