Incredible Halloween Cakes

Get inspired for Halloween with these incredible Halloween Cakes

If you are feeling brave, and aren’t afraid of nightmares.. check out even more SERIOUSLY SPOOKY HALLOWEEN CAKES

83 Responses to “Incredible Halloween Cakes”

  1. With all due respect, have these decorators forgotten that cake is a FOOD? We’re supposed to EAT it — who wants to eat the brains and dripping eyes falling out of the sockets of a mutilated corpse [cake]???

  2. Who wants to eat it?? The people that ordered and paid a pretty penny for it!! And IMO, the clients know their friends and family that are attending the party well enough to make that decision. I made a Zombie cake for a wedding (NOT the Groom’s cake) a few years ago. Yes, this isn’t typical but the clients loved horror flicks and wanted to base their cake on that. The cake was complete with “brains” oozing out, per the client’s request. Their friends and family LOVED it and I got lots of new clients from that cake! Just sayin…
    This weekend I’m making eyeball and chopped off, bloody finger cupcakes, and tombstones with hands coming out of the ground for a client for her ADULT Halloween party along with some “kid friendly” Halloween cupcakes for their son’s first grade class.

  3. There is nothing wrong with these. It may not be your cup of tea but honesly Im flattered that you are so offended by my cake. The clinet wanted that and paid me to take it far beyond what anyone else would or possibly could do!

  4. Love them all! Absolutel works of art, and truly talented artists! You may not like them, but then again, you didn’t get the nice cheque that went with any of them either! They are fabulous and I would LOVE to be able to make a cake like any of these….especially the gory ones! Kudos to all the artists!

  5. Well done!!!! This is what Halloween is all about! I only dream of getting to that level! I made a severed zombie hand out of rice krispy treat and fondant, it wasnt bad, but no where near this realistic!!!! I’ll keep practicin! You rock!!!!

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