In Memoriam – Jene (Rylan Ty) Nato


It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that one of our beloved CC members Rylan, Jene (Rylan Ty) Nato, tragically passed away yesterday evening. Jene embodied the spirit of this community with his exuberance and passion for the sugar arts. He had a natural eye for design and art well beyond his young years, but as tremendous as his talent was, it was eclipsed by his humility and heart. Jene was an incredibly giving person and always tried to share the joy he found in cake. He was one of the sweetest and gentlest souls I have had the great pleasure of getting to know through, and he will be deeply missed.

Jene was a kind and caring friend to me. When I lost my Uncle Rod, with whom I shared a deep connection, in July 2010, Jene surprised me with a beautiful gift by creating a “Now and Then” cake, making a modern interpretation of the cake in my Uncle’s decades-old wedding photo. Despite being already busy creating cakes for Martha Stewart magazine, Cake Central Magazine and the San Diego ICES convention, Jene not only found the time but was delighted to create this amazing memorial for me and all of my family members. I was so moved by his thoughtful gift that it still brings tears of joy each time retelling the story. His efforts gave me some brightness during a difficult moment in my life.

Jene’s generous nature has left an indelible and positive mark on the cake industry. He led the way, showing that the cake decorating community could be inclusive, kind, giving and creative. Jene’s influence will not be forgotten, and he will live on in the memories of all of the people he has touched.

You can read more about Jene Nato’s amazing talents here, and we have also made Jene’s cover cake issue of Cake Central Magazine, issue one of volume three, free to download, so that we can all share in his memory.

Jene Michael Tanopo Nato, III, 24, passed away on Monday, March 18, 2013. Born in the Philippines on January 18, 1989, he was a Las Vegas resident for 8 years. He was an extremely talented young man and a skilled Custom Pastry Chef. He is survived by his parents, Lyndon and Ceada; his sisters, Lyndsay and Camille; and his brother, Lyndon. Visitation will be at Palm South Jones Mortuary on Friday, March 22 from 4PM-9PM and again on Saturday, March 23 from 4PM-9PM. A Funeral Service will be held on Sunday, March 24 at 2PM, also at Palm South Jones Mortuary.
If you are hurting, or know someone who needs help, please reach out to someone. Whether it is in a PM to me, another CC member or the national hotline, just please reach out.

You are not alone.


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  1. My heart is broken.
    Oh, Ry, you always seemed as lovely and as fragile as those sugar birds you made – artists often are.
    My condolenses to those left behind.
    May this pain inspire us all to look around, take notice of and reach out to those around us.

    • i am SO sick to hear yet again of a young, talented, adorable, and caring young soul that did not or could not see the bright future awaiting them. We continue to lose these angels among us.

      Spuddysmon is exactly right– we must open our eyes and hearts and take notice and TAKE ACTION and help the Rylans among us to see a bright future, fot their sake, and for ours.

      My condolances to all –


  2. I had to beat my eyes a hundred times when I saw the top of the page.
    This is SAD! Really SAD !! I do not know what to say…… and I will also end it there.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends!! He was just such a talented guy with such a bright cake future ahead of him. I could not imagine what could possess him to do this. People if you all ever need someone to talk to or confide in or get encouragement from … PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! Feel free to message me.

    Suicide is NOT the way out!!! It solves nothing!!!! GOD created us all with unique abilities and we are all destined to make a unique contribution to this life until GOD takes us home. Please people please, I am very unhappy about this, very unhappy! This is sad!!!!!!!!!

    • It is the saddest moment for any parent to lose a child. May the family find comfort in his very much appreciated talent. I regret not having the privilege of knowing him. Based on what I have read about this young man who was loved so much, I know that his in heaven with the angel.

  3. i know i left a previous message. but after the shock sunk in….i looked at the cake on the home page and i put two+two together and remembered asking his advice in the past and how freindly and open he was and encouraging me not to give up caking. this was a long time ago and i remember him asking a question for people to post pics of our first cakes to where we are now.
    and everyone in the forum could not believe how talented he was and the differene in his cake skills.
    anyways-i am truely sadden and my heart breaks for his family and honestly for rylan too.
    i can only hope that his family and friends can find comfort through their faith and each other.
    as for the CC family and fans of his work we lost such a talented, generous person.
    i wish i had an opportunity to know him personally.
    but i often feel we know people best through their work.
    may you rest in enternal peace.

  4. Oh no! Jene we emailed just a few short months ago – I’m so sorry I didn’t know what pain you were experiencing and wish I could have done something to help.
    I’m deeply saddened by this news. My condolences to his family and friends.

  5. A great loss not only to your family and loved ones, but to us CC members as well. you were an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. My heartfelt condolences to his family. Rest in Peace Rylan

    • I am so shocked to hear this news. Very very sad….. Rylan is one of the members I really admired and looked forward to see his creations every time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and may his soul rest in peace.

  6. His work was beyond words can explain, such brilliant talent he could of reached the stars. May god bless his family in this tragedy and heal their hearts for their loss. May you rest in peace Rylan.

  7. Rylan had amazing talent that he willingly shared with everyone. He was a kind and gentle soul and he as well as his talent will be so missed. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Such a sad, sad loss.

  8. What a shock. He was such a talented person. I’ll never forget how impressed I was to learn that an absolute masterpiece I saw was his very first cake. Moreover, he always wrote the nicest things in forums here on CC and even pm’ed me a few times to say something kind. He will be sorely missed.

  9. I had the pleasure of working with Rylan on a few different occasions, and I can wholeheartedly say that there are few people out there more gracious and enthusiastic than he was. His passion for the industry, his art, and Cake Central was infectious—and he will be missed as both an incredibly talented decorator and as a loving person. I know I speak for this community when I say that his potential in the cake world was limitless—and while his end came far too soon—his legacy and love for cake art will live on at Cake Central. Loving thoughts to his family and to you, Jackie.

  10. Very soon after Jene showed up on CC, he I had an immediate bond. Gingerbread, and caking were common topics… yet we shared the love of gardening, and decorating our homes as well. He was sweet natured and innocent in so many ways and I felt protective of him as he was the same age as my own son. Once after I visited Las Vegas I msgd him and told him how close I had been to contacting him while there just to say, “hello” face-to-face. He chided me for not doing so –that he would have me over for lunch. I was privileged to be his friend on FB, and saw that he was greatly distressed this past week. So many reached out to him, but sometimes it just happens that one cannot get through. I am heartbroken that he saw no other recourse. A gentle soul has left this community bereft of his presence. He saw so much beauty in the world around him yet he could not find solace. I pray that he is truly resting in PEACE.

  11. My condolences to his family and friends. No parent should ever outlive their child (I speak from experience, a survivor of suicide) I feel the pain that they are feeling and it breaks my heart. I wish them peace and healing. For everyone who knew him, talking about him to each other will help to heal, keeping it bottled up will not. Jene (Rylan) may you find the peace you were looking for and I will ask my son to guide you on your way. Forever in our Hearts always in our Memories.

  12. It is an absolute loss when a young person with such a huge talent, wonderful soul and brilliant mind, end his days in this earth, but lets remember the best times, the memories and the legacy stay with us until the end of times for each of us… God Bless his family and those who knew him… many prayers…

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