How You Can Help The Cake Girls

Proceeds from the sale of this CakeGirls t-shirt will be used to help CakeGirls employees bridge the gap while CakeGirls is trying to rebuild. Click here to order your shirt today!

This classic cotton tee in black declares your love for Cakegirls.

100% cotton – silk-screen logo S, M, L, XL $20.00

If you would like to help even further, Brenda and Mary have obtained a drop box address for people who want to send additional support in the form of a card, cake decorating supplies, tools, or financial aid.

Cakegirls c/o Mary Maher
1658 N. Milwaukee Ave. #172
Chicago, IL. 60647

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28 Responses to “How You Can Help The Cake Girls”

  1. I’ve placed my Cakegirls T-shirt order and happy that I could help out in some way. I know what it’s like to suffer a fire and loose everything. My prayers are with you. alene

  2. I’ve been wondering how I could help and this is awesomely perfect. As a single parent who was laid off and unempolyed 5 months, I know what it is like to suddenly wonder how to pay rent/elect/car payments. For those on a limited budget, this tee is is the same cost of a Blockbuster night and is going for a very worthy cause. Thank you, Jackie, for giving me a way to show I care. I will wear it with pride!!
    Sandy/So Fla

  3. Im out on Medical, and as soon as I get money this week, Im buying a shirt to show support!!!!


    Cant wait!!!!!

  4. Sooo sad, here is a cake hug for the “girls”. just ordered my shirt, and I know with all the cake prayers from our members, this too, you will overcome. From a “hometown girl” in Detroit.

  5. I too have ordered my shirt. May GOD bless each and every one of the Cake girls & extended family.

  6. I ordered mine and several co-workers did as well. We are in the Chicago area and our hearts go out to them and all the employees. I could not even imagine all that they are going through right now. Prayers go out out them!

  7. I have recently started my own caek business in downstate IL. I am very proud to be able to help a follow business in IL. Best of luck to the CakeGirls, I think you do amazing work!

  8. I ordered one the other day and today I sent a care package full of duplicates of some of my favorite tools. I hope others will follow this path and soon they will be up and running and knowing just how great people can be in a crisis. They have been a great learnning guide for me in my cake knowledge and can’t wait to see them up and running in their business.

  9. I am so broke right now …I want to buy a shirt to support them so bad.I just starting my job so I should have money soon I plan on buying one as soon ad I get the money !my heart goes outto all of them at cakegirls and will b keeping them in prAyer God is an awesome God and he will get them throuh this devastating time!

  10. Those of you have who received your T-shirts: Are they true to size? Is it a unisex t-shirt or ladies cut? Thank you in advance for the information; I just want to be sure I order the correct size. I too would also looovvveeee a tank for those hot southern summer days that are just around the corner.

  11. I just ordered mine… I wish you all the best and know you will build again to make beautiful cakes and dreams come true.

  12. Has anyone received theirs? I ordered mine on April 6, and I just live in Indiana (3-4 hours away). I’m just wondering what the timeline is for delivery. :)

  13. I would love to order one of these but I am curious about the sized…men or womens? My does shipping cost so much?

  14. I also ordered mine on the 6th but I’m allowing some time for them to refocus and meet with insurance and such before expecting it. Hopefully in the next week or so.

  15. I just ordered mine…and my heart goes out to the girls and their employees.. i’ll keep an eye out for extra cake supplies… good luck to you and hope you get up and running soon..

  16. Just ordered mine…. Hope to hear updates to find out how they are doing. Keeping ‘em in my prayers! Brenda

  17. Just got mine today!!! It’s a regular-fit tshirt (not woman cut). I ordered a medium, and it fits me fairly nicely. I’m 5’2″, but I’m about a size 12 (and of ample bosom, lol).

  18. Got mine today. Really should have ordered a small a guess. The shirt is on the on the long side for me (5’5″) but hopefully it will shrink a bit. Still proud to wear it, though!

  19. I ordered my shirt!!! Fantastic! I think I want to get more. Fabulous shirt for a great cause!

  20. I’m going to order mine on payday :) I had tears in my eye’s when I found out about the fire. I was hurting inside for the employees. I love the artistic talent that they have and they are my inspiration for cake decorating. May God Bless you all. You have my thoughts and prayers.

  21. I’ve ordered mine!

    I haven’t come across any new information on the Girls progress. Anyone know anything?